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Joe Sanutti speaks and Rich guy stands in front of a podiumWe are American Missionaries!

Yes, you read correctly. God Speed Ministry Chaplains are American missionaries. Statistics now rate the United States of America as the 3rd largest mission field in the world!!!! China, Africa, Germany and many other countries are sending missionaries to America to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying nation – the nation where I live, the nation where chances are great as a visitor on this site that you live.

Does that hurt your heart as much as it does mine? Do you cry out in disbelief? Do you beg “say it isn’t so!”?

I truly wish I could tell you facts were different, but this is where America finds herself as a continent and group of nations. And it is where I find God has placed me and the group of motorsports chaplains with whom I serve. We see firsthand the hunger for truth and for answers.

We see the despair and jadedness in people who are tired of the futility of religious ritual void of power. We encounter people who have walked away from ‘churches’ embroiled in gossip and strife, filled with judgment rather than love. ‘Tradition has made the word of God of no avail’ just as Jesus said to the Pharisees (church leaders who loved position and perks more than God) over 2000 years ago. The apostle Paul wrote about these religious leaders in 2 Timothy 3:5…..”They will appear to have a godly life, but they will not let its power change them. Stay away from such people.”

People are heading Paul’s words. They are leaving traditional church in steady numbers. But they are still hungry for God. We encounter them in the pits, in the grandstands, in the staging lanes of drag races. They reach out to us through social media, email and cell phones. They hunger and thirst for the righteousness of God.

As the movie and song of the same title declare: GOD’S NOT DEAD! And neither is people’s need and desire for Him.

And we – motorsports chaplains – get the honor and privilege of telling them about God right where they are at the moment. We see the changed lives as they are introduced to the Living God who loves them passionately. We see the changes in their families and businesses. We see the way they exuberantly share their new and growing faith on Facebook and tweets and even with graphics on their race cars.

We are finding a dynamic, vibrant community of faith alive outside of the walls of denominational church structures. God is alive in America. In my spirit I sense a massive revival about to break forth in America and around the world. God is alive and at work!

Yes, we are American Missionaries and proud of it. We are restoring this land to God one soul at a time just like Jesus. Won’t you join us? Won’t you become “An American Missionary” right where you are in your neighborhood, your business, your sphere of influence? That’s all we are doing and WOW at the opportunities to see change. Become an American Missionary and share your “God Story” with us.

Renee Bingham

President & Co-Founder of God Speed Ministry

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God Speed Ministry
141 E. A. Bingham Road, Kings Mountain, NC 28086
Email: pray@godspeedministry.com

Left to right: A group of God Speed Ministry Chaplains pray, a God Speed Ministry chaplain puts his hand on a man's back as he prays with him, a God Speed Ministry chaplain stands near a red race car with yellow flames painted on the hood and doors, a God Speed Ministry chaplains raises his hands in front of a filled grandstand, a God Speed Ministry chaplain prays with a racer in front of his car