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Step 1: A Prayer to Enter into A Relationship with God

Almighty God, I admit I am a sinner.  I cannot forgive my own sin or work my way to heaven. You gave Your only Son, Jesus Christ, to bring salvation to all the world.  Today, I accept the finished work of Christ’s life- his teachings, example, death, burial and resurrection – for my salvation.  

Cleanse me of all my sin.  Take away all charges against me in the court of heaven.  Cleanse my mind and heart of all guilt.  

Today I receive the gift of a new life, a new heart, and wholeness in every way.  I receive Your Holy Spirit to live in me as my Teacher, Friend and Guide.  He will teach me Your ways so I can live according to Your Word.  

Thank You, Father, for restoring me to Your perfect plan for my life.  Today I have come home.  I am Your child and will dwell in Your house forever and ever.  Amen.  

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Chaplains gather around a racer and pray with him

Recent Prayer Requests


From Susan Yates:  Could you please say a pray for me? I had an accident in July and have had 2 surgeries and home with home health care. I would really appreciate it.
Please be in prayer for Angie Yates whose father died from cancer.  He was diagnosed 19 days ago.  Pray for this family as they mourn.
From Linda Stillings:  Ally Dixon, Larry’s wife has breast cancer & had surgery Wednesday. He requested prayers.
Continued prayers for Don Ellison as he continues his battle with cancer and other health issues.
Prayers for Brad Shippert who is battling cancer.
Continued prayers for Dom Lagana as he recovers from his major injuries.
Continued prayers for Tommy D’Aprile’s nephew’s premature baby who has health concerns.
Pray for the USA.  May we be restored to “one nation under God.”  Let us make that our daily decree.


From Chaplain Carol Rix:  Our mall Church is in the final stages of approval. After we have hundred of thousands dollars, we are being faced with a lot of opposition. God’s Will be done!!! Lifespring Community Church, Spring Grove, IL  Carol & Tom Rix. Thank you!

From Chaplain Tommy D’Aprile: Please pray for my nephew’s new baby who is 1lb 10 oz. … 13 inch long. “Please get your prayer warriors praying that Nox can get a shunt put in if necessary.  He is doing well on all levels except the brain bleed.   So my prayer is that the Lord lays His hand on the bleed and stops it so they just need the shunt to drain the hydrocephalus that is developing.   He is a great God so I am believing for a miracle and he is completely healed. Amen!”

Pray for Dom Lagana, Bobby Lagana’s brother, who was in a car accident on Sunday. Dom has major injuries which need to be overcome.  Please pray for his life and recovery.

Pray for Don Ellison.  The wound developed an abscess which burst open and is draining.  Don is home.  Calli will pack the wound 2 times daily.  The wound went from 15 cm to .9 cm before the abscess.  Now it is 7 cm.  While this is not what they wanted to hear, it is 8 cm smaller than the original.  God has demonstrated Himself as a healer for Don and will continue to do so.  Your prayers are working.  Thank you and please continue to pray.

Pray for students as they adapt to a new learning platform.  Pray for teachers as they juggle classrooms and zoom classes.  Pray for parents and grandparents as they juggle jobs, home and now school.  So many people are struggling with adapting to the ongoing changes.  Their expectations are dashed.  Their connection to friends is missing and the lack human interaction variety is causing great upset.  Some students have no access to online classes, either in grade school or college.  The gap for them is widening.  Pray for solutions and ideas.

Pray for Brad Shippert who is battling lymphoma.

Pray for the USA, our government and people. May God have mercy and raise up a standard against evil.  May His people rise up with love and righteousness, standing with God Almighty in agreement that His ways are superior to our ways.  God have mercy!


Please be in prayer for Jim Ledden who will have a heart cath on Wednesday.

Pray for the new believer who received Christ during a funeral on Monday.

From Renee Bingham:  A prayer request for a friend whose mother died after contracting the virus.  Prayers for our Pastor’s brother-in-law who is hospitalized with the virus and double pneumonia.  Prayers for our pastor’s sister, her daughter and son-in-law who were exposed to the virus by her husband.

Pray for Chaplain Kenny Bomar as he ministers Bible Study to a group at his speed shop midweek.  Also keep him in prayer as he ministers at Memphis Int’l Raceway this weekend.

Pray for the God Speed Ministry Bible Study tonight at 7:30 p.m. via Zoom and Facebook Live.

Pray for Chaplains ministering this week at the PDRA event at Virginia Motorsports Park:
Chaplain Tommy D’Aprile, Chaplain Tammie Smith, Chaplains Gary & Renee Bingham.

Pray for God’s will to be done on earth as in heaven.


Please be in prayer for Chaplains Joe & Debbie Sannutti & family. Joe’s mom passed in to heaven Thursday morning. She kept telling them she was ready to “fly away.”

Please be in prayer for the family of T.T. Jones of Huntsville Dragway. T.T. passed on to glory Wednesday night.

Kathy Kinard is in need of prayer. She is in the ICU after surgery for a ruptured bowel. She is on a ventilator. Prayers for this wife and mother to be completely healed and returned to her family.


From Chaplain Pattie Head:  Please please  pray for Mama. There are staff members and patients who have tested positive for COVID at the rest home she is in. Mama has been quarantined and tested because she was in contact with a worker who is now in the hospital with it. We are waiting to hear from test.

From Ann: Please pray for my granddaughter who is having tests.

Praise report from Don Ellison:  my 8” wound is now only a 3” wound. The doctor says it is impossible for it to have healed this much this quickly. Praise God!  Thank you all for the prayers. Please keep them coming as I go through this next round of chemo.

Pray for Chaplain Jerry Blazier as he ministers at a track this weekend.


From Chaplain Joe Sannutti:  This is an update from my sister on my mom. She is “out of it”, not making any sense when she tries to talk. She seemed to be doing better yesterday, then today, she’s taken this turn. Her white blood cells doubled; they have her on three meds. Doctor came in twice today to see her because she is one of the patients they’re worried about. Please be praying that rest and the antibiotics will work and she’ll come around.

Please be in prayer for Jim as he ministers this weekend at the IHRA Summit Sportsman Spectacular at US 131 Motorsports Park in Martin, MI.


From Chaplain Joe Sannutti:  Please put my Mom on our prayer list. Her name is Jeanne Bowe. She’s in the hospital in Savannah (was admitted yesterday with blood pressure issues). They say that she has to get a stint from her kidney to her bladder. Her kidneys are not draining and it’s causing sepsis. Thank you!


From Bill Campana:  I just had to talk a 19-year-old girl off an overpass.  She was ready to jump onto I-40.  Total stranger and totally distraught.  We saw her and turned around to go help her. Her name is Savannah. Please pray for her. – From my daughter Jaime

From Facebook:  Bob Koontz took a terrible fall June 7. He has broken and fractured many bones. Three are in his neck; one break is very close to his brain stem. He is currently in ICU in Sarasota, scheduled for surgery this Tuesday. Please pray for his healing.

From Chaplain Matt Zapp:  Haley’s cousin Bob Brown has been admitted to the hospital in Geneva OH.  He is in intensive care, suffering from viral meningitis and is not well.  Bob has pre-existing medical conditions, including asthma.  Your thoughts and prayers will be sincerely appreciated!  Bob is a long time drag racer and is a very close friend.

Prayers for Chaplain Tammie Smith’s family:  Husband Jay is seeking answers for whatever is causing issues since last October.  Son Cody has a bad eye infection.


From Craft Dunaway:  Please pray for my step-daughter Faith. She is in the hospital from a stroke. The doctors are doing some type of procedure right now. Thanks. Wow! just notified that the procedure went well and she is on her way back to her room. Praise the Lord!

Pray for Don Ellison as he recovers from another surgery this week. Also pray for Calli.

Pray for John who had eye surgery this morning. He only has sight in one eye. Pray for complete healing.

Prayers for God Speed Ministry Chaplains ministering this weekend:
Gary & Renee Bingham and Tammie Smith at the PDRA Carolina Showdown at Darlington Dragway, SC; chapel service Saturday at 8:00 am in the grandstands.
Mike Imhoff & Chic LaNasa at the IHRA Summit Sportsman Spectacular at Dragway 42, OH;  chapel service Sunday at 7:15 am in the grandstands.


  • From Chaplain Jerry Blazier: please add Margie to the prayer list. She sees a Doctor tomorrow for severe back pain. (Margie is his wife.)
  • Please be in prayer for Billy & Anne Jackson. God knows. UPDATE: No Cancer….Praise God!
  • Deb came through surgery great. Please continue to pray for complete healing.
  • Prayers for Chaplain Craft Dunaway who had back surgery last week.
  • Pray for the pain to go away and for a complete healing.
  • Prayers for Gary Bingham’s dad, E.A., who has suddenly developed sciatica nerve pain. He is in great pain and his leg gives way which could cause him to fall.

Previous Prayer Requests


  • From Bruce Thrift: Peabody Harrell passed away today. Be in prayer for his family and friends.
  • Melinda Hattaway Thrift continues to need our prayers for answers and health.
  • Matt Collier goes in Tuesday for a scope and biopsy. Prayers for him and his family.


  • From Chaplain David Merrill: Track Manager Greg Miller is in need of prayer. His appendix burst last month and he is home recovering. He still has a ways to go. Please keep him, his family and Keystone Raceway coveted in prayer.


  • Here is the obituary for Motorsports Chaplain Mickey Reed. Please be in prayer for his family and friends as they lay his body to rest tomorrow. Also be in prayer for Chaplain Joe Sannutti as he does the funeral.
    July 4, 1948 ~ January 31, 2020 (age 71)

Obituary & Services Tribute Wall

Obituary: Mr. William Michael Reed, known to everyone as “Mickey”, 71, of Ridgeland, passed away Friday, January 31, 2020 at his residence.

Mr. Reed was born July 4, 1948 in Walterboro and was a son of the late James Joseph Reed and Myrtle Stephens Reed. He was a fire fighter with North Charleston Fire Department and then Sea Pines Forrest Beach Fire Department. He owned and operated Natural Look Landscaping in Hilton Head and later, Safari Landscaping in Hilton Head. He later opened Mickey Motorsports, a high-performance automotive workshop. Mickey enjoyed drag racing, having won many awards, titles and competitions. He also served as the Chaplain at Carolina Dragway in Jackson. Mickey was a lay preacher, ministering in several churches.

Surviving are: his wife of 42 years, Edith Ann Linder Reed of Ridgeland;08

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