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Step 1: A Prayer to Enter into A Relationship with God

Almighty God, I admit I am a sinner.  I cannot forgive my own sin or work my way to heaven. You gave Your only Son, Jesus Christ, to bring salvation to all the world.  Today, I accept the finished work of Christ’s life- his teachings, example, death, burial and resurrection – for my salvation.  

Cleanse me of all my sin.  Take away all charges against me in the court of heaven.  Cleanse my mind and heart of all guilt.  

Today I receive the gift of a new life, a new heart, and wholeness in every way.  I receive Your Holy Spirit to live in me as my Teacher, Friend and Guide.  He will teach me Your ways so I can live according to Your Word.  

Thank You, Father, for restoring me to Your perfect plan for my life.  Today I have come home.  I am Your child and will dwell in Your house forever and ever.  Amen.  

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Chaplains gather around a racer and pray with him

Recent Prayer Requests


Pray for Roger Hallead, his wife and family, as they mourn the passing of her mother this week.
From Jean Patterson:  The prayer request is for my Granddaughter; she tried to commit suicide, she is 14 years old.
Prayers for Chaplain Steve Longmire who will have shoulder surgery on Thursday.


From Chaplain Matt Zapp:  We need to pray for the Macon Family. Gary Macon (of GALOT) lost his sister yesterday to cancer.

Prayers for Tony Gillig who is hospitalized with the virus. 

Prayers for the family and friends of Staging Steve LeTempt who passed away Saturday after suffering a stroke earlier in the week. Pray for his son Chris, wife and grandson Paul. 
Prayers for Junior Dragster racer Makayla’s grandmother who is having health issues. 
From Renee Bingham:  Prayers are needed for my mother, Irene, who fell a week ago Saturday. Thank God for no broken bones. She did compress several vertebrae and is in severe pain. She wretched it somehow Friday and is not able to care for herself. The doctor says 6-8 weeks recovery.  Our family needs prayer as we try to care for her. 


Continued prayers for Jay Smith in his battle to live 
Prayers for those who mourn the death of loved ones. 
Prayers for God Speed Ministry Chaplains as they minister at events this weekend: 
Matt Zapp at the Spring Fling at GALOT Motorsports Park. 
Jerry Blazier at Little River Raceway. 
The CCRA event at Farmington Dragway. 
Gary and Renee Bingham at the PDRA Doorslammer Derby at Beach Bend Raceway. 


Pray for the family of Diane O’Neal, wife of Don O’Neal, who passed away this week.  Pray for her daughters and all her family.
Pray for Jennifer Duggins, wife of Scott Duggins, whose father passed away last Sunday.
Pray for Lesley Graham who has been sent home with hospice care.
Pray Josh Barczy’s grandfather who is in his last days.  May his passing be peaceful.
Pray for those enslaved by drugs and their families who suffer and struggle as they watch their loved one destroy their lives.  May they be set free by the power of our Risen Lord.
Pray for Jay Smith as he continues the battle to live.
Pray for our nation.
Pray for God Speed Ministry Chaplains ministering this weekend:
Gary & Renee Bingham at the Loose Rocker Bigfoot event at Piedmont Dragway.
Jerry Blazier at the Summit Super Series at Little River Raceway.
Matt Zapp at the Summit Super Series at GALOT Motorsports Park.


From Chaplain Tommy D’Aprile: Please be in prayer for my friend Tim. He has leaks in his heart. 3 weeks ago they found an aneurism on his aorta, what they call the “Widowmaker.”  He is facing open heart surgery soon and requests prayer. 
Please be in prayer for Chaplain Tammie Smith as she ministers at the PDRA event at GALOT Motorsports Park today through Saturday and for Gary & Renee Bingham as they join her Friday & Saturday. Chapel Service will be Saturday, April 10, 2020 at 8:00 am in the Grandstands beside the concession building. 
Pray for Chaplains Gary & Renee Bingham as they minister at the Carolina Class Racers Association event at Kinston Dragway on Sunday, April 11, 2020. 
Pray for Chaplain Steve Longmire as he ministers at the Southwest Junior Dragster event at Big Country Raceway this weekend. 
Join us on Facebook and YouTube Sunday at 4:00 p.m. for God Speed Ministry Church Service. 


Godspeed Tommy Johnson Sr. and Will McKnight. From Bobby Bennett’s Facebook page: “Today I am sad. Found out today, not one but two dear friends passed away. Tommy Johnson Sr. took me in as a part of the family when I was just a kid at the racetrack and always made me feel welcome. Of course it opened up my longtime friendship with Tommy Jr. – then hearing of the passing of Will McKnight is another gut punch. Wilk was the kind of guy who loves to give people a chance and when he was at Mahle – paved the way as for Mahle to become an advertiser at CP. Say a prayer for the families as they have lost great loved ones. Me, I lost two irreplaceable friends.”


From Norm Williams: “My beautiful daughter has been called home to God. I wish to thank all the people and friends and relatives that prayed for her and prayed for the family. Arrangements will be announced at a later date by her children. I love you all and thank you.”


Prayers for Jacob’s family and friends. Godspeed Jacob. From John Harris’s Facebook page “Today i lost a member of the 2014 pro nitrous championship team

Jacob Saad

. He will forever be a crew member and a friend. A young mans life cut short. He leaves behind a daughter a mother and a sister who will forever miss him. He always worked hard and gave 💯 percent to me and others. I will miss the phone calls and the talks about racing cars and the struggles and triumphs of being a dad. GOD SPEED Jacob Rest In Peace.”


From Tammy Stewart: please add my Momma and myself and my husband to your prayer list. We moved Momma in with us post-op surgery for cancer in her leg. Her already diagnosed Alzheimer’s started to progress and she didn’t want to go back to her house so she is here permanently. We still maintain her home. Momma is in mid to late stage Alzheimer’s and new challenges are arising everyday. Pray for her and me and Michael to have patience and strength to endure the challenges ahead. It is very stressful.

From Chaplain Pattie Head: update from last prayer request: From my sister, Barbara
I went for my pathology report today… Praising my Lord!!! No cancer!! He said it was the largest polyp his has ever removed and it took two times to get it all so he had been concerned. I have to go back in a year and have either a partial colonoscopy or I can choose to have another full one. He wants to just look at that spot but if I have another full one then it would probably be five years before I would have to come back because the rest of my colon was clear. Thank you all for your prayers…the Lord went before me in a mighty way!!!
New request for another sister: Please pray for my baby sister, Rosey. She tested positive for Covid yesterday


From Chaplain Joe Sannutti: Be praying for Norman Williams and his family.
Prayers for an unspoken request.

Prayer for for Tommy Johnson Sr. who had a stroke.


From Jan Henson. A fellow racer, Bill Hansen passed away today. Please pray for his family.


Prayers for Blake’s family and friends. From Tara Bowker’s Facebook page: “Blake…There were a thousand moments at the track with you we had taken for granted.. mostly because we thought we would have thousands and thousands more….You were the most genuine young man at the race track. Taken from us way to soon. Prayers to Joe Copson and his family.”


Please pray for Jonathan Wright who is in the hospital with multiple blockages. He has congestive heart failure. The doctors are trying to see if He has enough live muscle to do the bypass. His heart is only pumping at 15 to 20%. Please pray for restored health.

Please protect our beliefs. Please contact our senators and the White House. Our way of life will be greatly altered if we sit idly by. God says, “if you…….(do our part to stand with Him), then I………(will bring justice.) God loves to involve us in His work. Please act now! From Franklin Graham’s Facebook page “The House passed the Equality Act yesterday by a narrow margin, mostly along party lines with three Republicans joining with the Democrats in voting for this dangerous legislation. Now it will go before the Senate.

It is imperative that we pray and let our senators and President Biden know that you do not support the Equality Act and that you are asking them to vote NO.
If passed, the Equality Act would devastate women’s sports and open the door for men who identify as women in restrooms, dorms, locker rooms, women’s shelters, and much more. You can read more here in my Decision News article:…/
Contact the White House here:


Update from Diane O’Neal. Continued prayers. From Dian’s Facebook page “

Day 🤟 or I love you if you sign.
Today we made a run for it. 3 days of, well I was really bad and it wasn’t the hospitals fault.
Don gets me fluids twice a week now.
I should have been fine on vacation.
Go back to my last hospital stay where they told me I had an Adrenal Gland ‘issue’. We go to the doctors and I’m on meds that raise my blood pressure so I don’t pass out. Everything was working ok. Not perfect but I’m no longer looking for perfect.
Feb 11-14
So we enjoyed 4 days in Charleston with Emily & Allen. Enjoyed their company, the great food, and the city. Left at 11:30am.
Feb 14
Stopped at 4:30pm by Giuseppe’s Steel City Pizza to see The Malki’s that Don lived with. Joe & Julie Malki made me my favorite gluten free pizza. It was so good! We left at 9:00pm
Feb 14-20
Then Long Boat Key. We got there late 11:30pm, but talked and unpacked and bedtime for me.
Got fluids in Sarasota on Monday and Thursday. Thursday I didn’t feel good and stopped eating but did as much as I could. My stomach was killing me. Friday I didn’t leave my bed. Saturday we left at 6 am and got home at 6pm. I didn’t get out of the car for the entire ride. Straight to bed at 6 pm for me.
Feb 21
Woke up in extreme pain in my stomach. Don was already packing my hospital bag. He took me to St. Vincent. The ER dr had so much info but quickly decided that my Adrenal Gland stopped working. Everything started to hurt. I was on IV fluids and cortisol and steroids. I had X-rays and a CT of my stomach/liver. That’s where it was killing me. At this point I was told that I had two tumors growing in my liver. They put me in a room for the night.
Feb 22
They did a biopsy (or 3) of my liver. They saw 2 spots under my right rib. The Dr said it was cancer but still sending it out.
Dr’s all say it’s stress. I need to be stress free. They just told me that my adrenal gland can’t handle the stress. The stress of spreading cancer and starting the treatments that almost killed me. No stress at all. They said my vacation, while not as stress full for Don but it’s harder for me to go so we have to up the prednisone and my midodrine next time. Acute Renal Failure. Live and learn I guess.
Feb 23
So basically we get to go home,
We are going for a scan in a week , then my oncologist for a visit/blood work/fluids, then my MS treatment Rituxan for 11 hours, after that we start back on Opdivo but we are starting with 1/2 dose every two weeks.
(Oh and NO STRESS) Of course, immunotherapy almost killed me twice before ~ but here we come.


Prayers for Diane O’Neal as she continues to battle multiple health issues. She is a fighter. Your prayers enable her to win.



Prayers for these who are mourning. From Van Abernethy’s Facebook page: “News has reached me that Sandy Fields passed away this morning after battling cancer. Sandy owned and operated Brown County Dragway, a vintage 1/8th-mile track in south central Indiana in Jackson Township, just outside a town known as Bean Blossom. Sandy was tough as nails and did much of the heavy lifting associated with owning a drag strip. When we met in 2014 she told me she took a “wild chance at an investment 22 years ago” and that’s how she came to own and operate Brown County Dragway. She was a fascinating person, who also drove across the country and bought and sold horses on occasion. She was a championship coon hunter, who once won the South Indiana State Championship Coon Hunt. “I’m the only woman who’s ever done that!” she told me during an interview once, which would become one of the most memorable “On the Road” columns I’ve ever penned. Speaking of, Sandy was also a writer, who for a decade wrote a column for a nationally published hunting magazine. I stood in the tiny wooden tower that’s built above the starting line of Brown County Dragway 7 years ago and listened to one fascinating story after another. “See all those little dings and dents in the guard rails?” she asked me as she pointed down track. “They represent a piece of history and to replace them would be like erasing history,” she said. She pointed to a dent in the right lane nearing the finish line and told of how Pro Mod pioneer, Wally Bell, tagged the wall back in the mid 1990’s. She excitedly told of how the Midwest Pro Stock Association came here and how she also booked Animal Jim Feurer for a Pro Mod match race. “He rode through the pits on a bicycle wearing different colored socks!” she laughed. She later invited Fuerer to their banquet that year and he indeed came. “He drove through an Illinois ice storm just to come to our banquet!” she told me. Sandy could multi-task like few others. She was telling me one story after another while also announcing the race at Brown County! She would stop long enough to collect a racer’s buy-back money, then continue with her story and also with calling the action over the PA. She had this catchy phrase she’d say every weekend as the finalists were pulling into the waterbox. “You’ve seen the rest, here’s the best…for today.” She had a twinkle in her eye as she exclaimed, “Everybody waits for me to say that each week,” she laughed. Sandy pointed to the walls of the tower and showed me lots of baby pictures. When her racers start having kids of their own, the baby pictures all get placed on the tower walls. She then told me another story I’ll never forget about how she and a group of friends were out riding horses one night in the dark, Indiana woods when they stopped and built a fire. There was an old Indian friend in the group and he began to speak what was on his heart. “He had this word he used which meant ‘chosen family’ in his language. He spoke of how you can not choose who your blood family is, but he explained how we were family none-the-less because we chose to be. That’s how I feel about my racers, we’re ‘chosen family’ and we’re constantly welcoming new members into our family,” she said. I had the opportunity to visit Brown County Dragway only twice over the years, and I can honestly say that Sandy Fields is among the most memorable drag strip owner/operators I’ve ever met. Her passion was so deep for her racers and her track. “I don’t know of any other job that you could have so much fun…get so mad…get so glad…and meet some of the greatest people in the world!” she told me. Drag racing has lost a true original in Sandy Fields. Tough and passionate, with a huge heart for the sport of drag racing and especially her ‘chosen family.’”


Prayer request from Diane Ellis: Please ask everyone to pray for my dear friend Jack Wilhoit. He went into cardiac arrest last night and was shocked four times before they got him back. His heart is only working at 30% and another heart attack is likely and his heart is so damaged they can’t do surgery. He’s very weak but coherent. Please pray that God touches him and gives him peace and comfort.

From Mike Carpenter’s Facebook page: How about some good news to remind you why we pray? Prayer is the most powerful force on this planet. Thanks for praying! Please keep it up. I stopped by to visit my dad (Charles Carpenter) today and he had to make a pass with his new “no wheeliebars” setup! Hard work at therapy is paying off and he’s walking unassisted for significant stretches. We couldn’t be more proud of him and the progress he’s made over the last few weeks! #CarpenterStrong

Update on Don Ellison from Calli : ♥️Don update♥️
Again thank you everyone for your prayers and support! I love reading each one even if I don’t respond to all🥰
Don had a IVC filter done this morning and everything went well with it. (Google it if you don’t know what it is)
He did have another small clot behind his knee and dr again said he’s very lucky nothing more happened to him. He said clots are just part of it for cancer patients. We’re not out of the woods cause he could have more and if that filter gets one the major sign is obviously not breathing. So it’s of course in the back of your mind.
They are trying to get his numbers adjusted today and the wound dr is coming by tomorrow and he should get catheter changed as well since its been 2 weeks.
Super thankful for the wonderful staff last night in the ER. Dons case is not an easy one but they listened, the nurse offered hugs and was quick into action to figure out what was wrong♥️
Hopefully he gets to come home tomorrow🤞🏼 Me & Hank miss him terrible!


Many prayer needs today.
From Chaplain Pattie Head: Please pray for my family this week.
My brother completes chemo and radiation today. Then they will review to determine if he is ready for surgery.
My sister, Barbara went for a colonoscopy due to symptoms of colon cancer. They removed a large polyp from Barbara’s colon. She is to follow up with doc in two weeks for pathology report. Please keep her in your prayers. Pray for this curse to be lifted from our family.
Please remember my Mama as well. (She is in a nursing home with Dementia.)
From Chaplain Jerry Blazier:
Please add Randy Stafford, a 3rd electrical unit exploded today. The system is overloaded because of the frigid temperatures in Texas and age of the system.
My nephew needs a kidney transplant and has given up. Due to the blackouts during the night (they turn the power off city wide), he can’t take his dialysis which he has to do if he is to get a transplant.
My stepson is living on the streets of Houston.
Pray for Bill and Jean Dickerson. Bill is in a nursing home and they can’t visit him except through a window. Pray for Jean as she deals with Bill’s care and taking care of the home.
Pray for people experiencing weather related issues.
Chaplain Keith Petersen report dangerous temperatures of -49 degrees in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada and -74 degrees in Alaska.
Chaplain Jerry Blazier reports power blackouts due to extreme power usage due to the cold in Texas. These blackouts occur at night. People who use medical devices – dialysis, C=Pap’s, oxygen and others – can’t utilize the equipment without power. They may also have no heat.
Chaplain Steve Longmire, who owns a plumbing company in Abilene, TX, reports the coldest temperatures in 100 years in Texas. They are having snow and ice storms. Water pipes are bursting and causing flooding in homes. The roads are covered in ice and help is unable to get to them.
We say where Craig Garland posted of having a burst pipe in his home.
Pray for the power crews who are trying to work in these conditions outside.
Pray for the emergency responders: Police, Medic, and Fire as they try to respond to accidents and emergencies.
Pray for people who feel so isolated and alone, even if they are surrounded by people.
Pray for the leadership of our country, federal, state, and local. Pray for God to turn their hearts back to Him. Pray for favor for churches. Pray for babies to be saved from abortion. Pray for God’s people and our nation to repent to save this nation. If Nineveh could be saved through an unwilling prophet, Jonah, then there is hope for America. But we must not only pray, but we must also REPENT and turn from our wicked ways. God must be first in our lives. Save our children’s future. Pray for God’s kingdom to be established in our homes, our schools and our government. NOTHING is impossible with God.


From Don Ellison’s Facebook page:

Well I planned on going to work today but hadn’t felt good all week
Really Bad Today got up to take shower and get dressed
Fatigued, Nausea, light headed, good thing I have an amazing wife who was able to get me out of shower and back to bed just in time before I passed out.
So now we headed to ER in Little Rock
Say a prayer that we get some answers
I know Calli Ellison will continue to update as we get more info #bigdonandbaywatch #cancernotforsissies #nobaddays
Prayers for the family of Jeff Parrish. Godspeed Jeff. Prayers for his mother as she recovers from surgery. And now mourns. 😢


From Denise McDaniel Wilmes: 

Friends can I ask you to stop what you’re doing and pray for my friend, Wayne Keith. He’s fighting COVID and has been moved to the ICU. Please pray he can muster the strength to keep fighting, the world needs him in it! (This is the father of RFC Joey Keith’s dad.)

Prayers for Doug Wood. From Tina: Update on Doug
he had his second surgery and is now home he is needless to say in terrible pain but appreciates everyone who has supported us in one way or another the out pouring of love, prayers, meals, calls and texts have been so amazing thank you all so very very much♥️
Update on Joey Stillings: Brought Joey home Thursday. So far so good. He is weak but home. On o2 for a couple of weeks. Terrible virus. He will be highly susceptible to having blood clots & most Covid have to return to hospital. I pray he will not have to do either. Please keep him in your prayers.


Pray for these needs please.
From Ron Marlena Whitlock: A piece of my heart was lost February 8, 2021 as I said goodbye to the greatest man I know! My papaw was my world and I don’t know what I will do without him! The love I have for him is beyond what words could ever describe. You taught me so much and for that I am forever grateful. I love you so much papaw, until we meet again.


From Chaplain Keith Petersen: 

Dan Rodrigue sent this update on his wife Sarah today. Update!! I haven’t posted since surgery day because the last few days were rough for Sarah but after having the tubes removed from her lungs she was feeling a world of relief!! Everything is progressing nicely so she was able to come home today (Saturday)!! I manage to pull off a surprise on Cadence she had no idea where I went today needless to say she had the biggest look of shock on her face!! Feels good to have her home and in good spirits. Thank you to all you that showed so much love and support and continue to do so!!! All we need now is the results from the biopsy to be in our favour and we can power forward!! Again thank you everyone it means the world how much love you showed!! 😊❤️ Sarah Rodrigue

Notice of passing from the photographer who was asking for prayer for her ex-mother-in-law.

From Lochella Jerusha (Mission Raceway photographer)

Lost my ex-mother-in-law due to sudden stage 4 liver cancer. Best grandmother to my child I could ever ask for. My daughter’s best friend is gone, her dad lost a mother and we will miss her dearly. My daughter has lost her twinkle in her eyes 😭


Pray for this need please. From Mike Carroll’s Facebook page:

So where to begin. With everything that has been going on with COVID, losing


‘s mom back in September and her grandmother in October and now her uncle Russ, It’s been pretty stressful to say the least around here. On top of all that we bought a house in the mist of her moms and grandma,s death. To finding out on January 15 that I have stage 2 breast cancer. Our family just can’t catch a break.

With all the tests I’ve been through I have finally been given a surgery date of next Wednesday to have a mastectomy done. No word on chemotherapy or radiation yet but at least I will have the cancer removed. With the help of my loving wife and family by my side I will beat this to ensure I walk my daughter down the isle. (Hopefully not for 20 more years).


From Randy Ferrell: Prayer warriors please pray. I am in a-fib. I need my heart back rhythm. Update: his heart is back in rhythm. Prayers it stays.
Prayers for Sarah Owen Dixon: “My sweet Papa went home to be with the Lord last night. He proved to us how strong he is over the past year. He has put up a good fight and his battle is over.”
Pray for Stephanie Raynor’s mother who had health issues.


Prayers for Steve Robinson today as he undergoes rotator cuff surgery. He is still in therapy for his knee surgery.

The power of your prayers at work.
From Chaplain Keith Petersen: UPDATE!!
FIrst I want to thank everyone who texted, messaged or commented on my last thread about Sarah It’s been an overwhelming morning to say the least! I’ve struggled a bit with the whole not being able to be there thing. It absolutely crushed me to watch my wife walk into the hospital to take on such a big procedure on her own. It feels wrong and I feel helpless I know she’s in good hands but it’s hard to hear over the phone how things went when u want to lay eyes on your loved one to know for sure. But so many of you took the edge off that with your support you’ve showed us. Now for the positive news. Doctor called me at 11:30 to let me know things as far as the surgery were concerned went well! They managed to remove the tumour without any complication and she did not require any blood. She came off the lung machine without any major effort. She will remain in an induced coma till late this afternoon till they start to back off the sedation. Once she is awake they will perform standard test to ensure she didn’t suffer any stroke throughout this time. She will remain in icu for 48 hours so they can monitor her closely. There always runs a small risk of internal bleeding which they then may have to go back in. But I’m confident with all the love everyone has showed things are gonna start moving in the right direction!! Again thank you everyone it means the world you taking the time!❤️


Prayer for BMP and the family of Lyle Barnett, the one gone too soon.

More prayers needed.
Pray for Joe Stillings who is in the hospital with COVID. His oxygen levels are low. His wife Linda tested positive for COVID. Prayers for both.
Steve Robinson will have rotator cuff surgery Tuesday. Prayers for him.
Pray for our country.
Pray for the motorsports industry.
Pray for repentance in our world.


Our heartfelt condolences and prayers for everyone involved in the tragic accident at Bradenton Motorsports Park. Please join us in lifting these folks up to God for peace, comfort and healing.


Prayers are needed for Joey Stillings who has COVID. He is being treated by doctors at appointments so he is still at home.
Pray for Jay Fodrie whose mother passed away this week. We shared Jay’s powerful testimony in last week’s God Speed Church service.
It’s time to raise a hallelujah!
This report from David Batchelor is powerful.
“Quick check in for everyone. We’re doing 75% better today. I’m beat up, but still standing. Kathy and I can’t Express our appreciation for all the support, phone calls and help. Been in the ICU for 6 days now. will be here for a few more days. I have a long haul to be at 100%.
Guys, this is not a joke, this is a battle, this will test your mental capacity more then you can imagine. This is for real and is not to be taken lightly. This is a fist fight, plain and simple.
A wave of warth came into my room last night and hung out for awhile with me.It lifted my spirits greatly.
.thank you Julie Mathews Girton , Judy Tommy Franklin , Kristy Bender Dawn Street Mollichella , and guys rock.
We’re discussing plans now with the doctor for the next step,,I’ll keep you posted. HOPEFULLY WE CAN BE HOME THE WEEKEND.


Top Dragster racer, David Batchelor is fighting Covid and has been put in ICU at the VA! Thank you in advance for praying him back to full health. Justin Kirk and his wife tested positive also. Prayers for them too.



Prayers for Ronnie Forrester and family.
“We will be having a graveside service for my mom (Pat Forrester) Sunday at 2:00 at Mountain View Cemetery, 173 Drace Ave, Greer SC 29650. Your continued thoughts and prayers are much appreciated.”


From Chaplain Jerry Blazier: Please add Mike Murillo to the prayer. He has COVID 19,

Updated prayer request for Ed from Jim Ledden: my best friend Ed is finally being transferred to Orlando to have that procedure to remove the blood on his lung. All this time they have been trying to find a hospital that can take him. Please continue to pray for Ed Relak. First battling Covid, second pneumonia both lungs, and now there’s blood clot on one of the lungs. Thank you appreciate it.


Prayers for this chaplain and his family. From Roger Rigg’s Facebook page:

Thank you for all the prayers for Susan’s brother! He is making progress. So then Saturday night her sister dies in her sleep. Her Sister, nephew and botherin law passed away in the last 12 months. Please be praying for Susan at this time.

Thank you


Prayer Please.
My best friend, Ed Relak, is still battling problems. Covid is gone, and while during that it was found that he had double pneumonia in his lungs, now they found a blood clot in one of his lungs and are transferring him to Tampa General Hospital, for a procedure tomorrow. Please keep Ed in your prayers. He’s been thru so much. Many thanks.
Jim Ledden
Continue praying for Diana Merrill as she recovers from hip surgery on Monday.
Pray for peace for America.


From Curt Smith: Our daughter in law, Corrina died about 1:00 am Thursday morning. She was a fighter and fought the big C up to the end.
We loved her and are going to miss her.💔💔💔💔
Keep her husband Derek and their son Aiden in your prayers during this difficult time.
A lot of you may know Derek from working the back computer at the ECF and special events at Bristol Dragway.
RIP Corrina 😥😥😥😘😘😘❤❤❤
From David Merrill: I would ask that Diana be put on the prayer list she is having hip surgery this Monday morning December 18th. I also have a doctor’s appointment for medical concerns. God’s riches blessing out over God Speed Ministry 🙏
From Curt Smith: Our daughter in law, Corrina died about 1:00 am Thursday morning. She was a fighter and fought the big C up to the end.
We loved her and are going to miss her.💔💔💔💔
Keep her husband Derek and their son Aiden in your prayers during this difficult time.
A lot of you may know Derek from working the back computer at the ECF and special events at Bristol Dragway.
RIP Corrina 😥😥😥😘😘😘❤❤❤


From Greg Burrow’s Facebook Page:

It is with great sorrow that I write of the passing of best friend, mentor, and partner in photography, David Bishop. As most of you know, David was from Maryland but when we met, in the fall of 1967 at High Point College, we shared the sport we loved, drag racing. This picture is from one of David’s proudest moments, that is receiving the Pioneer Award from the NC Drag Racing Hall of Fame in 2017. David was so proud of his family, wife Louise, kids Brian and Angie, and grandkids, Harrison and Callee. But his extended family in NC will surely miss him. Rest easy til we see each other again.


Godspeed Sonny. Thanks for being a great example of kindness, love, joy and generosity. Your picture could be added to the dictionary as what each of those words look like lived daily.


Godspeed Sonny Leonard. You were a personal friend and a friend to God and God Speed Ministry. Your passion, love and kindness touched so many lives.
Enjoy your reward in heaven. Until we meet you there…..
Broken heartedly,
Renee Bingham
Godspeed Sonny.


Prayer Request from Fritzi Garage from Warsaw, Poland: “Pray for the victims of the landslide in Gjerdrum in Norway. At least 7 people are dead and 3 are missing.” (The search for victims has stopped.)


From Calli Ellison’s Facebook page:

Heh guys! I know it’s been a while since an update so here ya go. During the holidays I’m sure everyone could see our check ins to the ER for catheter changes. This has prolly been the most frustrating thing to deal with. It gets blocked off and emergency trip we go it seems like😬 We meet with urologist Friday to change the frequency of cath changes(I’ve had to get rowdy a few times with the nurses since it’s charted wrong) and of course ask about maybe doing the surgery. (Something has to give!!)
The chemo he is on changed a lot of things and the way his pee is now it’s causing more problems. Trust me you’ve never seen a man in so much pain during a spams & especially when it builds up so much pressure to come out his wound. 😣
He is still doing chemo every week. Good news….He’s getting a port placed again🙌🏼 His veins are getting to the point of knots & of course being stuck SEVERAL times every week is not ok for anyone! Prayers it doesn’t get infected & he doesn’t have his passing out episode like he did 2 1/2 years ago😬
We get results tomorrow from scan last week so prayers always appreciated with it! ♥️ I’ll be honest I’ve been a nervous wreck. The scans never get easier & just makes you sick to think about it. I know that’s living in fear & we do have faith bigger than fear. 2020 till now has really taken a tole on me personally with my fear. I’ve let the devil in my thoughts & it’s a battle to get back to where I need to be. I know God is good, I know he has a plan & most importantly I know he will continue to carry us through♥️
As far as wound it has got smaller in size. Still drains every day.
We aren’t having to pack it anymore which is good. We are both skeptical about it bursting back open like it did in Oct/2018. So we shall see what’s to come with it.
Don is sleeping more due to chemo every week. Which isn’t a bad thing cause his body needs rest but sure is hard to see someone who loves life & people & doing things now just want to sleep all the time. Maybe the scans will show major improvement & can take a break from chemo. The reality is Don will be on Chemo for the rest of his life. Unless a miracle happens or he gets a chemo that can get rid of the cancer. This is our journey. Definitely not an easy one but we’re still here to tell about it♥️


Prayers for their families- blood and racing. From Tony Brown’s Facebook page:
Very sad to hear that we lost two great people from our racing family in the last few days. Steve Tedder, a great racer and friend of the PTRA and Memphis Smith, a legendary racer and history maker in the drag racing world. Both men were stand up good people. I am lucky to have known them the little bit that I did over the years. Too many people leaving us these days.


From Jean Patterson: Please be in prayer for my Grandson Brecklyn. He accidentally shot himself in the hand last night. He is in the hospital for surgery. They are going to put pins in one of his fingers.
He is home now. We need to find a surgeon. Pray we find one quick.


From Chaplain Jerry Blazier: Margie’s sister passed away this evening, please add her and her sister’s family to the prayer list. Her sister lives in California. (Margie is Jerry’s wife.)


Prayers for PDRA starter Kyle Lang and family as they mourn the passing of his grandfather.


Father God, we pray that the true reason of Christmas is acknowledged in the hearts of all. May everyone remember why there is a CHRIST in CHRISTmas. May everyone who needs to receive peace into their hearts realize that the peace can be found in you. May they take the time to read their Bible and learn more about you and the everlasting life that comes from following you. May everyone who has questions about the reason they are here find the positive answer in you. May they listen and be able to hear your name and your guidance so that they may have confidence that their existence matters. May those who have been searching the kind of love that only you can give find it in you today. For those are struggling and in confusion about this year’s challenges, may they know it is your voice who provides the answer. For those who are struggling in pain and illness, may they be healed and have faith in your promises. May you continue to guide the minds hands and teamwork of everyone involved in the care and recovery of those who are afflicted. Thank you for giving them the courage to assist in the healing process. May you continue to protect their families and loved ones. Let all mouths proclaim this day, “Thank you Lord for your birth! We praise you! We honor Christmas because you are who you are.” Amen.


Prayers for Lesley Graham. She had a bad reaction to her cancer treatment. Please lift her up in your prayers. Stretch forth your hearts and hands to heaven for her.
Prayers for Bruce Thrift whose mom died this morning.
So many moms have died today. Please lift this family in your prayers.
Prayer for more moms:
From Diane Ellis: Please pray for my Mom and her skin cancers.

Prayers for

Karen Proctor’s mom as she recovers from surgery today.


There are a multitude of people needing our prayers tonight.
Harold Honeycutt’s mother passed away during the early morning.
Anita Honeycutt’s mother passed away this afternoon. This family really needs a double portion of prayer today.
From Chaplain Deb Sannutti: Joe & I are both quarantined with Covid. We both have a light case so far. Body aches , headache & a light cough. We have gotten started with HCQ and the other good meds & vitamins.
From Tammie Brown Smith: Update on Jay.
Two chemo treatments down. And…now….
Jay is being admitted. His blood level are low. There is not enough antibodies to fight what is going on. The PICC line will be pulled and a new one installed. He has an infection from the current line installation site. They are starting him on high powered antibiolics. I have to look for a Christmas tree for his room. Not sure when he will go to a room. Hospital is full. I have no idea how long he will be in the hospital.
Mike Allen and his family have COVID. Mike is very sick and really needs our prayers.


Update from Jerry Blazier: “I have been released from the hospital. I will leave shortly, tell everyone thanks for the many prayers.”


Pray for chaplain Jerry Blazier: “I am back in the hospital for a blood clot in the left lung. I will be admitted for a couple of days . They gave me 2 blood thinner shots, thanks.”


From John Hochstedler: Update on Pam ….she is home and doing better today .so good to have her home..I just cooked and finished dinner.and see is tucked in for resting..thanks everyone for the thoughts and prayers. Means a lot to us.thank you all again.
Continued prayers for those battling cancer: Don Ellison, Jay Smith began chemo, Diane O’Neal is home from hospital but greatly in need of prayers, Lesley Graham began treatment.


Urgent prayers needed for Chaplain Jerry Blazier. “I admitted myself into the hospital in COLLEGE STATION Covid-19, lungs shortness of breath. 🙏
UPDATE: From Jerry. “I was sent home with a slight case of pneumonia . I am home resting, thanks to everyone 🙏❤️


From Ronnie Proctor Sr.’s Facebook page:

To everyone that prayed and Loved for me during this first leg of this trip, I love y’all with everything I got in me!!! I still have a long road to recovery but I’ve traveled a good distance on it this week!!!! #isittimetogoracingyet


Please lift Don and Diane up to our Father. They need our prayers. From Don O’Neal’s Facebook page: FYI- Trying to only do this once-
I wanted to let everyone know what the outcome of the past two days for Diane and I with our trips to Vanderbilt.
We went hoping that they had something that we could try to help with the cancer tumors.
Unfortunately, we have been told to live life at the fullest, they have nothing for us or anything in the works. For us, her MS is working against any and all options for treatment.
If we do a cancer treatment her MS quality of life and actual life could be jeopardized. We have already had 2 ICU’s in the past 24 months and they do not think she can handle any more.
At this point right now, as I actually write this, tears are filling my eyes, as a young teenager, my father was told the same thing as he was sent home with nothing, he fought until the end, his way. The only way he knew.
We are going to do the same thing. We are going to continue to eat healthy without Gluten and Sugar in our lives and take out vitamins as we use holistic approach’s. We have only nutrition now to help in this fight.
Diane has lived through a lot things to be here today. She is strong enough to not go down without a fight. We are fortunate at this moment that the cancer has not impacted her organs. We don’t have days, months or years marked for how this battle will turn out. We have each day. Period. One day at a time, one meal at a time to fight.
We appreciate everyone’s wishes and prayers. I promise you that we are going to need them more and more in the days to come.
#DoitforDI #neverquit


Prayers for Chaplain Keith Petersen and family as they mourn.

Prayers for Ronnie Proctor as he has heart surgery today. Also prayers for his wife Karen as she waits.

Update from Karen Proctor’s Facebook page: Ronnie is out of surgery and Dr. Gammie was able to repair his valve!! Great News!! He still needs lots of prayers for the next 48 hours that everything goes as planned with recovery!!! I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart ❤️ for the prayers and support you have given my family!
From Lesley Graham: Tyrone and I would like you to keep us in your prayers as I have been diagnosed with cancer . This is cancer that has metastasis from having ocular melanoma
It sounds pretty horrible coming out of the mouth of the oncologist as it is in my liver , pancreas, lung, and muscle in my thigh . HOWEVER !!!!! I Serve AN AWESOME GOD ! And nothing is to big for him
And if you know me at all … You know I’m a fighter . I had port placement yesterday and begin treatment Monday the 7th . I share this for many reasons …1 keep us lifted in your prayers ..2 I want everyone to know ..I love and trust God …and his plan for me . I pray my journey will encourage you to not take anything for granted …love …forgive…and live life to the fullest and thank God for the tough days as better ones are to come .
Update on Doug Leazer: Doug is doing well today! His speech is coming along and he continues to work hard on getting his leg and arm to do what he wants them to. We hope to go to a rehab hospital in the next day or two. Haley brought some things to us here at the hospital and included his favorite, a Little Debbie Christmas tree cake. Thank you all again for your continued support and prayers. We have a long road ahead but he’s strong and determined, and he will be putting his favorite bible verse to use in the coming days, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13.


Prayers for Doug Leazer. This is from his wife Lisa: Asking for your prayers for Doug, he had a stroke early this morning and was flown to Presbyterian in Charlotte. He is currently in surgery to remove a clot in his brain and another clot in his neck. Please pray for the medical team here, for a successful surgery with no complications, and for complete healing for Doug. Thank you all for your prayers, we need them right now. 💕
Update: Thank you all for the many prayers lifted up today for Doug. He made it through the surgery this afternoon and has been placed in Neuro ICU. He has made some progress with his movements this evening, but it’s still a waiting game. He has a long road ahead of him, so please continue to pray for complete healing for him. Thank you all for the messages and calls today..we are blessed with the most wonderful friends and family, and we send our love and thanks to you all! 💕


Prayer Needed!
From John Hochstedler 33 minutes ago: Pam is going into emergency surgery to repair a torn aorta by her won’t stop bleeding…please pray for this sweet person to survive this procedure. …love you Pam


From John Hochstedler: We need prayers for my lovely Pam ..rushed to the ER with a heart attacks.


Great news from Greg Parker. Continued prayers. From Greg’s Facebook page:
So here is the latest. After 2 days of tests, scans, probes, pokes, and all that goes along with being a hospital inmate, everything came back negative for stroke. Turns out I had a severe complex migraine episode, which mimics stroke symptoms. Doctor said i should get all sensation, strength, and movement back fairly quick, we with a little help from physical therapy. Hopefully, they will let me “escape” this afternoon. Still have to see a few more folks before that decision is made. Thank you all for your continued support and prayers.


From Ronnie Proctor Sr.’s Facebook page: THANK YOU!!!! To everyone that prayed and wished for me today!!! God blessed me with no clogged or blocked arteries!! Thank you God!! #onedownonetogo

Prayers for Calli Ellison and Don Ellison.
From Don Ellison’s Facebook page:
UPDATE #3 she is out of recovery and in her room she is jyy it at waking up says she in lot of pain nurses getting her pain meds Thank You again to everyone who has called text and been praying for her
UPDATE #2: she is out of surgery and headed to recovery will be there couple hours then they will move her to a room and call me to let me know what room and I can go see her
UPDATE: The first part of surgery is over and all went well. I talked with the surgeon and she said everything looked normal and all went well the plastic surgeon is starting his part now, and she should be in recovery in an hour or so
Thank you to everyone for the call text and prayers
I will update again once she is in recovery
Early start today but this time it’s not me,
Please keep Calli in your prayers this morning she is having surgery
Pray for her team of Doctors and nurses.
Over the past 2 years I have had 8 surgeries and I can honestly say I am 100% more nervous about her than I have ever been about any of mine.
She has been an Angel sent into my life not just as my wife but as the most amazing caregiver ever.
I am so blessed that God chose her for me
Now it’s my turn to take care of her I will need lots of prayers.
#myrock #myangel #ourfaith #ourjourney


PRAYERS, PLEASE – for Sandra Stamey Tibbs & her family. The medicine she’s been taking for her cancer is no longer working & scans show it has progressed. Please pray that the new medicine & other treatments will quickly & effectively stop the cancer’s growth & shrink it into permanent remission with minimal side effects. Many thanks for all the prayers & blessings to everyone who prays & passes this on.


Prayers needed for comfort, strength and peace for this family.
From Chaplain Tommy D’Aprile: Racing in Orlando today and my crew guy Mike just got a call that his brother has passed away. Asking for prayer for him and his family His name is Mike Dusinski. He also works with me at home. Thank you ❤️❤️
Ronnie Proctor is here and will be undergoing a heart procedure soon. I got to pray with them today and ask Boldly for healing.


From Dom Lagana’s Facebook page:

“I am finally able to use my phone and wanted to come on here to say thank you. Thank you to everyone who has supported me and my family through this difficult time. I’m just starting to see some of the messages and videos that were created, and I feel so grateful. It’s a very tight knit racing community and this shows first hand how we really are a big family. I can’t thank everybody enough. I was able to watch some of the past races online and seeing all the Lagana Strong t-shirts being worn is such a huge motivation for me.
A very special thank you to my beautiful fiancé Sara for being with me in the hospital every day and taking care of me and to my brother Bob for being there for me every step of the way. I know this wasn’t easy for them. I am so appreciative and couldn’t do this without them.
Thank you to the Torrence family & my Capco TR brothers. You guys are my family and always support me. Can’t wait to be back in the shop with all of you.
Thanks to everyone who has been there for Sara & Bob & our family to help them through this. Our friends & family are everything.
Also, a big thank you to the doctors & nurses from Eskenazi hospital and now Kindred hospital for taking such good care of me these last few months.
It’s been a crazy year that I’m sure we are all ready to put behind us.
I also want to say that I was very saddened to hear about the passing of Eric Lane this past weekend. My heart goes out to his family and they are in my sincere thoughts and prayers. Hop was very loved by all his peers and will be dearly missed.
I have a long road ahead of me to my recovery but I’m working hard and I’m extremely motivated. The positivity from everyone is what’s helping me progress and I’m determined to get back to the racetrack. I’ll see you all again soon.”


Prayers of comfort for all stunned and grieving. God Speed “Hop.” 

Statement from Cruz Pedregon Racing following the death of Co-Crew Chief Eric Lane:
Eric Lane, co-crew chief for Cruz Pedregon Racing and known to many as “Hop,” was struck and killed by a car while walking back from a restaurant last night near Mineral Wells, Texas. The team was taking time off between the Dallas and Houston NHRA races to enjoy fishing and being together away from the track.
“Eric was energetic and shared the same enthusiasm for the sport as I do. He was known for his skill in working with NHRA teams but even more so for his upbeat personality and bringing smiles to everyone on the team and those who stopped by the pit,” says Cruz, driver of the Snap-on Dodge®. “He joined the team officially for the 2020 season but worked with us for three races at the end of last season. He worked closely with his best friend and our co-crew chief Nick Casertano and previously with many of the top names in the business. The sport has lost one of its very best.
“We were just coming into our own, Eric, Nick, and I, in turning the car around, and his contributions will be a big part of our success moving forward. I’m so proud of Nick, who is set on doing the right thing for his best friend, for Eric’s family, and for the team. We’re still taking it all in, but as a tight-knit group we will be getting together and do what we know Eric would want us to do and that’s focus on the race ahead in Houston.”
From the team’s primary sponsor, “Snap-on has been a part of the motorsports community for decades, and, as a sponsor, we have close working relationships with the teams and individuals who wear the company’s name. Our hearts go out to Eric’s family and we mourn with Cruz, the team, and the entire NHRA family on the loss of one of drag racing’s stand-out professionals,” says Samuel Bottum, Snap-on chief marketing officer.
Lane was 47 and lived in Avon, Indiana. He leaves behind his wife Kelly and their daughter Melaynee and a legacy of dedication to the sport of drag racing.


From Mike Carpenter’s Facebook page:
Charles Carpenter Update, 10/15/2020:
The last few days have been busy with tests and getting my dad stabilized so he can rest. He’s finally doing that today. His progress matches what the doctors are expecting based on the size and severity of his stroke. He’s now entering the peak time for brain swelling over the next few days, but it’s within the normal range and he doesn’t have any additional bleeding. All of this means he will be very tired and inactive over the next few days, so we’ll see less movement and talking than we’ve seen since Monday. He is aware of what has happened and greatly appreciates the incredible outpouring of support from our family, friends and the racing community. Thank you all for the calls, messages and prayers. I can’t put into words what it means to our family. 🙏🏻 #CarpenterStrong


Prayers for Charles Carpenter. From Mike Carpenter’s Facebook page: My dad suffered a severe stroke yesterday caused by blockages in his carotid artery. The doctors believe a dissection, or injury to the neck and the artery, was causing clotting over a period of time. The next few days will be critical in determining which direction this goes and his overall outcome. He has a long road ahead of him but he’s already exceeding the expectations of the doctors. They also can’t believe he was driving a Pro Mod last weekend, but everyone who knows my dad shouldn’t be surprised by that! He never gives up. This photo was taken Saturday at the PDRA race. He had a persistent headache throughout the weekend, but he drove the car very well and had no indication of anything this severe. Please keep our family in your thoughts and prayers! We’ve suffered too much to be going through this again and we need this warrior back home soon! #CarpenterStrong


So many prayers this morning at Chapel Service:
People with cancer
People with COVID
The President and First Lady
Those in nursing home, missing their loved ones, “feeling like they are in jail”, those with Alzheimer’s who don’t understand why their family no longer visits them
Several children diagnosed with cancer
Heart issues- physical and spiritual
Marriages in need of repair and restoration
Provision – The LORD is our Source
Jay Smith – cancer
Tracks struggling
Our nation

From Susan Yates via Facebook: Well some of ya may know I had a Accident on July 2nd and had emergency surgery and then had to do surgery again September 15th. And then had to have surgery again on October 2nd which was my 3rd Surgery yesterday. They done some Nerve repair and a Skin Graph. So now I have 2 wounds one from the 1st accident where I fell out our house back
Door. They Surgeon was please with what they did. So I have Wound on my Leg and the other in on my Hip. I need prayers that the Skin takes and I want have to go thru this again.

From Jerry Blazier: I have a request.
A friend of mine’s son recently bought a new Street Glide.
He’s in a hospital in St Louis in a medically induced coma with brain injuries broken pelvis legs ribs punctured lungs and other serious problems. Hit by a someone under the influence of drugs alcohol.
He has a wife and 4 kids. Please pass around for prayer for John to survive and heal.


Prayers for 4 year old Ellie Rhea, recently diagnosed with cancer.


From Chantsie Whitlock Pickelsimer’s Facebook post:

Prayers for Noah.❤️

From Elizabeth Hutson(his mom)

Thanks to my dear friend, Amy Bozard, for sharing this with me today. This truly expresses my feeling right now. I am not going to be angry over this. God is BIGGER, He is HEALER, and He is AWESOME IN POWER! He is our God and He will be with us every step of the way!
Yesterday I talked to the neurosurgeon about Noah’s pathology report. It was not the news we were expecting. 😢 The report concluded that Noah has a stage 4 midline glioma (brain tumor). It is fast growing and very aggressive. It is very rare in children but according to the doctor the tumors are more responsive to treatments/chemo in children. Noah is scared about what all this may mean for him. He knows that God has him in His hands and we are going to be OK. But, I still don’t want him to go through something so big so young. The way chemo makes a person feel is difficult to put into words. Please pray that his youth will give him the strength to deal with this better than anticipated and he will bounce back quickly. We know everyone will be praying and offering support in all kinds of ways and we are so grateful for that.
God’s will be done! We are trusting that He will strengthen us and show us grace.

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”
‭‭Romans‬ ‭8:28‬ NKJV

Continue to pray for our nation and world on the final hours of this National and Global Day of Repentance and Prayer. Pray for repentance for the sins of our leaders – political, church, government, education, and home. Pray for the hearts of all people to be turned to God in truth and righteousness.

From Chaplain Jerry Blazier at the IHRA Division 4 Team Finals: Please add Tommie to the prayer list. He is in the hospital with a number of issues. At one point they call the family in. He is in real trouble. Thanks.

So many prayers this morning at Chapel Service:
People with cancer
People with COVID
The President and First Lady
Those in nursing home, missing their loved ones, “feeling like they are in jail”, those with Alzheimer’s who don’t understand why their family no longer visits them
Several children diagnosed with cancer
Heart issues- physical and spiritual
Marriages in need of repair and restoration
Provision – The LORD is our Source
Jay Smith – cancer
Tracks struggling
Our nation
From Susan Yates via Facebook: Well some of ya may know I had a Accident on July 2nd and had emergency surgery and then had to do surgery again September 15th. And then had to have surgery again on October 2nd which was my 3rd Surgery yesterday. They done some Nerve repair and a Skin Graph. So now I have 2 wounds one from the 1st accident where I fell out our house back
Door. They Surgeon was please with what they did. So I have Wound on my Leg and the other in on my Hip. I need prayers that the Skin takes and I want have to go thru this again.
From Jerry Blazier: I have a request.
A friend of mine’s son recently bought a new Street Glide.
He’s in a hospital in St Louis in a medically induced coma with brain injuries broken pelvis legs ribs punctured lungs and other serious problems. Hit by a someone under the influence of drugs alcohol.
He has a wife and 4 kids. Please pass around for prayer for John to survive and heal.


Please be in prayer for Steve Robinson who is facing another surgery from his wreck at the PDRA event several weeks ago. He has a torn ACL and meniscus in his knee.

From Chaplain Matt Zapp From the Fall Fling at GALOT
Prayer requests-
1. Pastor Cecil McNeill. He is having kidney issues. He had 1 surgery this week. Scheduled for another surgery next week.
2. 3 persons cancer of varying degree.
3. Praise reports-
Shirley Bullock has a very positive report from Chapel Hill this week.
4. Due to weather, we are scheduled to have a second chapel service on Sunday. The only thing better than One service is Two services.

Please be in prayer for the chaplains ministering this weekend:
Chaplains Rich & Janette Guy at the IHRA Division 1 Team Finals at Maryland Int’l Raceway, Budds Creek, MD.
Chaplains Mike Imhoff and Chic LaNasa at the IHRA Division 5 Team Finals at US 131 Motorsports Park, Martin, MI.
Chaplain Jerry Blazier at the IHRA Division 4 Team Finals at Xtreme Raceway, Dallas, TX.
Chaplain Matt Zapp at the Fall Fling at GALOT Motorsports Park, Benson, NC.


Prayers for this family as they say “til we meet again.”

From Bobby Bennett.
Today, we gather to pay our respects to Sandra Pledger, the lady I simply called Ma. I am both sad and happy. Happy as I know she no longer is in pain; happy in the sense she is in the presence of God and no longer having to see this world fall apart. Rest in peace Ma, now who am I gonna find to make my salmon patties?


Prayer Request from Carol Rix:

Praise to God for approval of our new church site and building plans! After 2 years of meetings and many discussions the village trustees have voted to approve our plan. Groundbreaking will be next Sunday after church. After 8 years of renting space in a warehouse we will now be a “light on a hill” in a town and time we desperately need HIM! Thanks for all the prayers!

Prayers for a friend of ours, Luke, who will be having his second surgery on a very rare type of brain cancer. He is married and has 4 younger children. Please pray for healing.

Prayers for our friends daughter, Carly, who was almost fatally injured in a bicycle accident as she trained for a triathlon. She is recovering but will need additional surgeries. Pray for healing and that God would work in the entire families’ life.


From Susan Yates:  Could you please say a pray for me? I had an accident in July and have had 2 surgeries and home with home health care. I would really appreciate it.
Please be in prayer for Angie Yates whose father died from cancer.  He was diagnosed 19 days ago.  Pray for this family as they mourn.
From Linda Stillings:  Ally Dixon, Larry’s wife has breast cancer & had surgery Wednesday. He requested prayers.
Continued prayers for Don Ellison as he continues his battle with cancer and other health issues.
Prayers for Brad Shippert who is battling cancer.
Continued prayers for Dom Lagana as he recovers from his major injuries.
Continued prayers for Tommy D’Aprile’s nephew’s premature baby who has health concerns.
Pray for the USA.  May we be restored to “one nation under God.”  Let us make that our daily decree.


Ernest prayers needed for Don Lagana.
From Gary Pritchett’s Facebook page:

Although difficult to talk about, we wanted to get an update out for all of Dom’s family, friends and supporters around the world.
It has been just over three weeks since his accident. Dom has battled through lots of issues, some more serious than others. He suffered a head injury and bad burns to his body. He was in a non induced coma for two weeks and was showing signs of waking up but then caught a bad case of pneumonia. Some of his progress has now been stalled in order to focus on his lungs. The amazing staff at Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Hospital have been strong with their response and treatment for Dom. If there is a focal point to all of your thoughts and prayers right now, it would be for Dom’s lungs to heal and get strong enough to resume the rest of his surgeries. He is fighting for his life every day and still needs your prayers.

We appreciate everyone respecting our privacy. Thank you all for the amazing support for Dom and his journey. The outpouring of love from around the world has helped us all through this difficult time.

As Dom rests and prepares for this new chapter, we have adopted the phrase “God Is Love” to help us keep our faith forefront.

Thank you all and God Bless.
Bobby, Sara, Marie & Laura.


Prayers for Steve Robinson. He crashed this afternoon at VMP. He was airlifted out. I just got an update from Betty: 5 broken ribs. Right side. They’re moving him to ICU for the night. Respiratory therapist coming in to teach him about his breathing. Dr said he has a high tolerance for pain.
Pray for a full and speedy recovery.


Prayer Requests:

From Susan Yates: Could you please say a pray for me? I had an accident in July and have had 2 surgeries and home with home health care. I would really appreciate it.

Please be in prayer for Angie Yates whose father died from cancer. He was diagnosed 19 days ago. Pray for this family as they mourn.

From Linda Stillings: Ally Dixon, Larry’s wife has breast cancer & had surgery Wednesday. He requested prayers.

Continued prayers for Don Ellison as he continues his battle with cancer and other health issues.

Prayers for Brad Shippert who is battling cancer.

Continued prayers for Dom Lagana as he recovers from his major injuries.

Continued prayers for Tommy D’Aprile’s nephew’s premature baby who has health concerns.

Pray for the USA. May we be restored to “one nation under God.” Let us make that our daily decree.


Dear Parents,

We understand that the first day of school may not have worked out as some of you hoped it would. We don’t attempt to know what it’s like to be in your shoes this school year. However, we do believe there’s a reason James 1:2 popped up on our Bible app: “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds.” Easier said than done, right? So, how do we get to the “joy” part when you experience tech glitches, you have more coffee than patience and you’re still trying to figure out the math from last school year, so you have no idea how you’re going to help your child with math this year? Well, that’s where James 1:3 comes in: “because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.”

Perseverance is “continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition” states Merriam-Webster.

God sees your effort. He recognizes that you are making the best decisions that you can for your children and family. He wants you to remember that while He has given you many talents, He will also do what you can’t do. Use your mustard seed of faith. We pray that you and your children will become stronger and grow together no matter what happens this school year.

For those of you whose families had a great first day of school, we pray that you can feel our happiness for you! We’ll also pray for continued smooth sailing for you and your little ones.

When you learn how to overcome an obstacle or experience something that God did to make it easier, can you please send some info. to us so that we can post it here? When people hear what God has done for them, it strengthens their hope. You can email us at or You can also send it via Facebook Messenger. Record a video if you’d like.

Let’s make this school year about victory in Jesus. Because He works all things together for our good, we know he’ll pour blessings upon blessings out to you and your family.


From Chaplain Carol Rix:  Our mall Church is in the final stages of approval. After we have hundred of thousands dollars, we are being faced with a lot of opposition. God’s Will be done!!! Lifespring Community Church, Spring Grove, IL  Carol & Tom Rix. Thank you!

From Chaplain Tommy D’Aprile: Please pray for my nephew’s new baby who is 1lb 10 oz. … 13 inch long. “Please get your prayer warriors praying that Nox can get a shunt put in if necessary.  He is doing well on all levels except the brain bleed.   So my prayer is that the Lord lays His hand on the bleed and stops it so they just need the shunt to drain the hydrocephalus that is developing.   He is a great God so I am believing for a miracle and he is completely healed. Amen!”

Pray for Dom Lagana, Bobby Lagana’s brother, who was in a car accident on Sunday. Dom has major injuries which need to be overcome.  Please pray for his life and recovery.

Pray for Don Ellison.  The wound developed an abscess which burst open and is draining.  Don is home.  Calli will pack the wound 2 times daily.  The wound went from 15 cm to .9 cm before the abscess.  Now it is 7 cm.  While this is not what they wanted to hear, it is 8 cm smaller than the original.  God has demonstrated Himself as a healer for Don and will continue to do so.  Your prayers are working.  Thank you and please continue to pray.

Pray for students as they adapt to a new learning platform.  Pray for teachers as they juggle classrooms and zoom classes.  Pray for parents and grandparents as they juggle jobs, home and now school.  So many people are struggling with adapting to the ongoing changes.  Their expectations are dashed.  Their connection to friends is missing and the lack human interaction variety is causing great upset.  Some students have no access to online classes, either in grade school or college.  The gap for them is widening.  Pray for solutions and ideas.

Pray for Brad Shippert who is battling lymphoma.

Pray for the USA, our government and people. May God have mercy and raise up a standard against evil.  May His people rise up with love and righteousness, standing with God Almighty in agreement that His ways are superior to our ways.  God have mercy!


Please be in prayer for Jim Ledden who will have a heart cath on Wednesday.

Pray for the new believer who received Christ during a funeral on Monday.

From Renee Bingham:  A prayer request for a friend whose mother died after contracting the virus.  Prayers for our Pastor’s brother-in-law who is hospitalized with the virus and double pneumonia.  Prayers for our pastor’s sister, her daughter and son-in-law who were exposed to the virus by her husband.

Pray for Chaplain Kenny Bomar as he ministers Bible Study to a group at his speed shop midweek.  Also keep him in prayer as he ministers at Memphis Int’l Raceway this weekend.

Pray for the God Speed Ministry Bible Study tonight at 7:30 p.m. via Zoom and Facebook Live.

Pray for Chaplains ministering this week at the PDRA event at Virginia Motorsports Park:
Chaplain Tommy D’Aprile, Chaplain Tammie Smith, Chaplains Gary & Renee Bingham.

Pray for God’s will to be done on earth as in heaven.


Please be in prayer for Chaplains Joe & Debbie Sannutti & family. Joe’s mom passed in to heaven Thursday morning. She kept telling them she was ready to “fly away.”

Please be in prayer for the family of T.T. Jones of Huntsville Dragway. T.T. passed on to glory Wednesday night.

Kathy Kinard is in need of prayer. She is in the ICU after surgery for a ruptured bowel. She is on a ventilator. Prayers for this wife and mother to be completely healed and returned to her family.


From Chaplain Pattie Head:  Please please  pray for Mama. There are staff members and patients who have tested positive for COVID at the rest home she is in. Mama has been quarantined and tested because she was in contact with a worker who is now in the hospital with it. We are waiting to hear from test.

From Ann: Please pray for my granddaughter who is having tests.

Praise report from Don Ellison:  my 8” wound is now only a 3” wound. The doctor says it is impossible for it to have healed this much this quickly. Praise God!  Thank you all for the prayers. Please keep them coming as I go through this next round of chemo.

Pray for Chaplain Jerry Blazier as he ministers at a track this weekend.


From Chaplain Joe Sannutti:  This is an update from my sister on my mom. She is “out of it”, not making any sense when she tries to talk. She seemed to be doing better yesterday, then today, she’s taken this turn. Her white blood cells doubled; they have her on three meds. Doctor came in twice today to see her because she is one of the patients they’re worried about. Please be praying that rest and the antibiotics will work and she’ll come around.

Please be in prayer for Jim as he ministers this weekend at the IHRA Summit Sportsman Spectacular at US 131 Motorsports Park in Martin, MI.


From Chaplain Joe Sannutti:  Please put my Mom on our prayer list. Her name is Jeanne Bowe. She’s in the hospital in Savannah (was admitted yesterday with blood pressure issues). They say that she has to get a stint from her kidney to her bladder. Her kidneys are not draining and it’s causing sepsis. Thank you!


From Bill Campana:  I just had to talk a 19-year-old girl off an overpass.  She was ready to jump onto I-40.  Total stranger and totally distraught.  We saw her and turned around to go help her. Her name is Savannah. Please pray for her. – From my daughter Jaime

From Facebook:  Bob Koontz took a terrible fall June 7. He has broken and fractured many bones. Three are in his neck; one break is very close to his brain stem. He is currently in ICU in Sarasota, scheduled for surgery this Tuesday. Please pray for his healing.

From Chaplain Matt Zapp:  Haley’s cousin Bob Brown has been admitted to the hospital in Geneva OH.  He is in intensive care, suffering from viral meningitis and is not well.  Bob has pre-existing medical conditions, including asthma.  Your thoughts and prayers will be sincerely appreciated!  Bob is a long time drag racer and is a very close friend.

Prayers for Chaplain Tammie Smith’s family:  Husband Jay is seeking answers for whatever is causing issues since last October.  Son Cody has a bad eye infection.


From Craft Dunaway:  Please pray for my step-daughter Faith. She is in the hospital from a stroke. The doctors are doing some type of procedure right now. Thanks. Wow! just notified that the procedure went well and she is on her way back to her room. Praise the Lord!

Pray for Don Ellison as he recovers from another surgery this week. Also pray for Calli.

Pray for John who had eye surgery this morning. He only has sight in one eye. Pray for complete healing.

Prayers for God Speed Ministry Chaplains ministering this weekend:
Gary & Renee Bingham and Tammie Smith at the PDRA Carolina Showdown at Darlington Dragway, SC; chapel service Saturday at 8:00 am in the grandstands.
Mike Imhoff & Chic LaNasa at the IHRA Summit Sportsman Spectacular at Dragway 42, OH;  chapel service Sunday at 7:15 am in the grandstands.


  • From Chaplain Jerry Blazier: please add Margie to the prayer list. She sees a Doctor tomorrow for severe back pain. (Margie is his wife.)
  • Please be in prayer for Billy & Anne Jackson. God knows. UPDATE: No Cancer….Praise God!
  • Deb came through surgery great. Please continue to pray for complete healing.
  • Prayers for Chaplain Craft Dunaway who had back surgery last week.
  • Pray for the pain to go away and for a complete healing.
  • Prayers for Gary Bingham’s dad, E.A., who has suddenly developed sciatica nerve pain. He is in great pain and his leg gives way which could cause him to fall.

Previous Prayer Requests


  • From Bruce Thrift: Peabody Harrell passed away today. Be in prayer for his family and friends.
  • Melinda Hattaway Thrift continues to need our prayers for answers and health.
  • Matt Collier goes in Tuesday for a scope and biopsy. Prayers for him and his family.


  • From Chaplain David Merrill: Track Manager Greg Miller is in need of prayer. His appendix burst last month and he is home recovering. He still has a ways to go. Please keep him, his family and Keystone Raceway coveted in prayer.


  • Here is the obituary for Motorsports Chaplain Mickey Reed. Please be in prayer for his family and friends as they lay his body to rest tomorrow. Also be in prayer for Chaplain Joe Sannutti as he does the funeral.
    July 4, 1948 ~ January 31, 2020 (age 71)

Obituary & Services Tribute Wall

Obituary: Mr. William Michael Reed, known to everyone as “Mickey”, 71, of Ridgeland, passed away Friday, January 31, 2020 at his residence.

Mr. Reed was born July 4, 1948 in Walterboro and was a son of the late James Joseph Reed and Myrtle Stephens Reed. He was a fire fighter with North Charleston Fire Department and then Sea Pines Forrest Beach Fire Department. He owned and operated Natural Look Landscaping in Hilton Head and later, Safari Landscaping in Hilton Head. He later opened Mickey Motorsports, a high-performance automotive workshop. Mickey enjoyed drag racing, having won many awards, titles and competitions. He also served as the Chaplain at Carolina Dragway in Jackson. Mickey was a lay preacher, ministering in several churches.

Surviving are: his wife of 42 years, Edith Ann Linder Reed of Ridgeland;08

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