Chaplains and Volunteers

Putting our faith into action through service.

Chaplains impact the lives of the race teams, officials and fans for good: providing a shoulder on which to cry, a strong arm to support in tragedy and sorrow, an encouraging word during a crucial round loss and the light of God shining through smiling faces as well as their flaws and God’s ordained weaknesses.

All Christians are salt. Salt is a very common seasoning. Chaplains are common people. They are simply doing what God put in them to do with the gifts and talents He put within them. The only difference is they have climbed upon the mountain of fear and doubt – “Who me?” “I’m no preacher!” “God should send someone to be a chaplain. I’m not qualified.” – to stand as a representative of God Almighty, trusting Him to put the words in their mouths, trusting Him to give the strength, endurance and resources for the task assigned.

We all have found God to be faithful and true as we watch Him work in our lives and those of our fellow racers.

Who Can Be A Chaplain?

Anyone who has a heart for God and His Kingdom can become a chaplain. God Speed Ministry has chaplains who are plumbers, carpenters, mechanics, secretaries, business owners, self-employed and retired. Our newest chaplain is beginning this phase of ministry in her 70’s. Some began their chaplaincy in their 20’s while raising families. Others are single. We are all volunteers who fit ministry into our busy lives when and where we can. Some serve at their local track. Others assist in series such as IHRA. None of us are full-time chaplains.

God Speed Ministry needs more chaplains. If you have a heart to love people as they are, to demonstrate the love of God to all without judgment, then you fit with us.

To get started, email God Speed Ministry at or call God Speed today at 704-473-4212.

Fill out the chaplain or volunteer application and email or mail it to us along with the required references.

Volunteer Ministries

We have many opportunities where God can use your talents. God-honoring worship is something we strive for. We need more people to provide music for services. Some play instruments. Others sing. Do you love to sing but want a group? Start a choir! Worship volunteers are an important part of our ministry, using their talents and gifts to glorify God and minister.

If you would like to be a volunteer, Let us know!