Jeff Melnick Bridge the Gap Fund

Jeff Melnick, PDRA Pro Boost racer, has been diagnosed with cancer.  From Jeff:  “It’s in my spine and my lymph nodes. It’s a type of blood cancer called lymphoma. I need to go back and have more of a surgery to remove a lymph node in my neck to be tested. Those results will tell them exactly what type of lymphoma it is, what stage it is in and what kind of chemo I will have to do. I also have to get a bone marrow biopsy and a pet scan soon.
“I don’t know how well I will respond to the chemo and if I will be able to continue racing this season. Being that we are leading the world championship standings this news is like a punch to the gut in more ways than one. All I can do is put my health first and beat this cancer but, I promise if I can climb in the car and perform like normal, I’m going to. I have the best family and crew on the planet and they all have my back 100%. The Cleveland clinic has some of the best doctors and technology in the world. So we will meet this challenge head on and like everything I do I will give it my all. I have already started a new diet to help also. Cancer cells feed on sugar so I’m doing a keto diet but also no red meat for inflammation. No breads, pasta, pop, beer, alcohol, sugars of any kind including fruit, rice or potatoes. If anyone has other suggestions or meal ideas I’m all ears.
“I have 6 months worth of work to do at the shop and I don’t know how I will be able to get stuff done. That has me pretty stressed. I have worked pretty hard to build a reputation and a business over the last 5 years. Unfortunately being self employed I don’t have any kind of sick days or safety net in place for a situation like this. I guess I never thought something like this would happen. Currently my pain is in my left arm and it shakes. Not good for a tig welder who uses their left hand to feed filler rod.
Please say a prayer for me and my family as we enter this next chapter of life.”
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