Are you ready?

Are you ready?

Imagine hearing the trumpet blast in the heavens. You stop. You look. You see Him – the risen, glorified, magnificent Savior of the world, Jesus Christ. He is rending the heavens. His purpose? To claim His beloved bride, the church. Us!

Are we ready?

Are we prepared?

Preparation is key in life. Sports teams prepare and practice to win. Speakers prepare and practice to deliver an inspiring, life changing speech. Teachers prepare lessons that transform minds. Life requires preparation.

God is adamant about preparation.

God began our preparation in chapter 1 of Genesis where He commanded us to rest on the Sabbath day. The Sabbath is a practice of heaven. We practice resting as if our work is complete. We practice satisfaction because of the provision of God for us. We practice joyous, exuberant worship in word and song as if we are part of the multitude of heaven. We practice fellowship with God and other believers in communion and breaking of bread. We practice blessing one another. We practice abundance by giving to others. We practice the purpose of God – our fellowship with him, being in his presence. This is the practice of the kingdom of heaven.

God also set seven annual appointed times. These seven feasts in scripture are practice sessions or dress rehearsals for events on earth and life in heaven.

Would you expect your favorite pro sports team to show up for a game with no practice, with no game plan, with no physical training? No! They wouldn’t stand a chance against a well-practiced, well-disciplined team. Neither are Christians prepared if we don’t practice.

We are to practice by putting our faith into action. We practice praying. We practice laying hands on the sick and seeing them healed. We practice studying the Bible. We practice worship. We practice holiness – being set apart for God’s purposes.

Our lives are to be a demonstration of the kingdom of heaven here on earth. We were made in God’s image for the purpose of demonstrating God, (not being God). God created us to follow in His footsteps, doing the things He did and does by overcoming evil and establishing kingdom authority here on earth.

God has called us to live in such a way His presence dwells in us, guides us, and directs us. People should see a major difference between us and non-believers. We are called to demonstrate the kingdom of God so powerfully people want what we have. They want to know God.

Are we living with the purpose of bringing God’s kingdom to earth?

The book of Revelation tells us things to come. But we must be prepared to overcome and endure before these things come to pass. We cannot wait until we are on the playing field to try to prepare. It will be too late.

Are you ready?

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