Do you know who you are?  I’m serious. Do you know who you are?  Sure, you know your name, where you live, what you do, what you like, what you avoid.  But do you know who YOU are?  If not, it’s because your identity has been stolen from you. The  modern day identity theft is nothing like the spiritual identity theft that has been taking place since the garden of Eden. 

Here’s what I mean. Genesis 1:27 “And God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.”

The word created is to form, shape, create.  God spoke everything else into being.  God formed man and shaped him.  He was personally involved with His own hands.  God made man in His image. He blew His breath into man’s nostrils to give man His very life. Man was the crowning piece of His creation.  He blessed man.  He gave man authority and care over all the works of His hand. 

God rested after creating man.  He was done.  His work was very good.  No second thoughts.  No redo’s.  Done.  Perfect.

God, Adam & Eve walked together in the cool of the evening.  They talked and shared with each other.  God was happy.  So was man. 

The devil was not happy about this divine love affair going on between God and man.  He wanted to hurt God by hurting what God loved.  Enter the devil at the tree of knowledge in the garden of Eden.  He questioned what Eve knew God said.  “Did God say….?”  He suggested God was holding out on her, that she was lacking something, was not enough.  “You shall be like God,” he said.   He then contradicted God.  “You shall surely not die.”

But wait, didn’t we confirm above Adam & Eve were made in God’s image?  God made them the crowning glory of His creation.  Deception is deceiving.  We would never buy the lie if it were easy to discern.

But the power was always with Eve.  One word would shut Satan down.  She had been given authority by God to rule over the devil.  Instead she came into agreement with the devil rather than God.  Even though she was perfect she believed she wasn’t.

That is the ultimate choice.  With whom do we agree.  Who do we trust.  She gave away her identity when she made the wrong choice.  And she only discovered it after the fact. But don’t judge.  We do the same thing everyday when we fearfully say or think, “I’m not enough…….not thin enough, not tall enough, not smart enough, not rich enough, not educated enough, not pretty enough, not handsome enough. 


But you are.  You are made in God’s image, the same as Adam & Eve.  God believed you were enough to give His only Son to die in your place so He could give you the life He intended you to live.  Jesus died to reDEEM you.  To deem you as worthy.  To deem you as righteous.  To deem you as His beloved.  To deem you as His child.  To deem you as the apple of His eye.  To deem you as a joint-heir with Jesus Christ of everything God possesses in heaven and on earth.  IT’S ALL YOURS!!!!

But you don’t believe it because the lie has entwined itself into your thinking, just like generations before you.  You live with condemnation and fear of GOOP—the Good Opinion of Other People.  You fear people will discover your nakedness.  So you hide and you cover.  Your fig leaves may be stuff: cars, houses, jewelry, your career, your name brand clothes.  But just like fig leaves, these things wither and die so you are always striving to cover yourself, to hide your ‘not enough’ identity.  Your only option is performance.  You spend all your health trying to attain wealth and position while always knowing you are chasing the proverbial ‘carrot on a stick.’ You really are not enough in this ‘alienated from God state of being’ to pay the price of sin.  It requires the blood of a spotless lamb.

That’s why God sent Jesus as a human baby, to live a sinless life, then to die, offer His pure blood to pay for your sin.  He knows you and I are not enough apart from Him.  But with Him we are more than enough!  We are more than conquerors!  We are more than victors!  We are righteous.  We are redeemed.  We are worthy.  Because God through Jesus MADE US worthy. 

There remains only 1 question.  What will you do about it?  Will you accept what Jesus did to pay for your sin and REDEEM you, restore your true identity?  Or will you keep striving and running in your own futile power with no identity?

Here’s the answer.  “Heavenly Father, I bought the lie.  I believed I could live life in my own strength and knowledge.  I have sinned against you.  I have disobeyed and rejected Your way.  Please forgive me.  Wash me clean now through the blood of Jesus Christ your only begotten Son, the spotless Lamb of God.  Erase all my sins according to your word, as if they never happened.  I accept Jesus’ death as payment for the debt of my sin.  I release every sin from my spirit, soul and body.  I receive Your offer of redemption.  I give You my life, my heart, my soul and my strength.  Create in me a new heart, O Lord, and a right spirit.  Remake me in Your image, holy and righteous, that I may live for You in all Your power, might and glory.  In the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord.  Amen.”

Welcome to your new identity as a child of God!  Welcome home. If you prayed for God to forgive you and receive Him as Lord of your life, please let us know.  We want to celebrate with you.  We want to send you material to answer questions you may have and to help you grow in your new identity as a child of God Most High.  You are now a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven.  There are new spiritual laws and authority to help you in this new life.  We want you to have all Jesus Christ died for you to have.  Send us a letter in the enclosed envelope.  Call us at 704-473-4212 or email us at  Congratulations on your new  identity.