Prayer Requests
Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.  Galatians 6:2  
1.  From Michelle Michael:  Please keep my dad in your prayers today.  He is going in for a routine heart cath to check a blockage.  Pray for my dad’s comfort, the doctors guidance and expertise to provide the correct procedure, and that the blockage doesn’t require a stent!! My dad is very nervous about a stent.     Update.  They could not do the stents! He has 100, 100, 80 blockage in his 3 major arteries.  We are meeting with the surgeons and scheduling open heart with bypass surgery tomorrow morning!!  On the plus side he has no pain, his heart is healthy, and has great success for surgery and recovery.  He is in shock a little but is calm with all the prayers. 
2.  From Chaplain Bill Dickerson:  Please put me on the prayer list.  I’ve been going through a lot of tests this week.  I’m going for a brain MRI at 7:00 p.m. this evening.  (Jean says she knows I don’t have one. J)  Tomorrow I will have a Carotid artery test.  Next week I go to my doctor to get the results.  All this started when one of my people to whom I deliver noticed I “wasn’t myself.”  She was concerned and called my boss.  So y’all keep me in your prayers.
3.  Pray for Chaplain Joe Sannutti as he ministers at the Moultrie Swap Meet on Sunday.4.  Pray for Chaplains Gary & Renee Bingham as they minister at the Loose Rocker Doorslammer Nationals at Piedmont Dragway this weekend.
1. From Chaplain Renee Bingham:  I got a message from Steve LeTempt:  “Hey girl.  I’m home!  And by God I’m alive.”  Thanks to all who prayed for Steve during his hospitalization and time at rehab.  There were days when it was thought Stevie would not be able to go back home on his own.  Praise God!
2. Please be in prayer for AJ who is dealing with a lot of issues.  Their quote is:  “The devil just needs to get off my back and leave me alone.”  Amen AJ!
3. Continue to be in prayer for all the victims of the hurricanes – from Texas, Florida and the Islands.  So many are still without power.  Thousands remain in shelters in the islands.
4.  This was a hard weekend for motorsports.  Two people lost their lives.
Please be in prayer for the family and friends of an 8 year old Australian girl who died in a junior dragster accident.
Pray for the family of the man who lost his life at Myrtle Beach Speedway this weekend.
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