Prayer Requests
Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.  Galatians 6:2  
9.25.17  Update from Nancy Elms on Carl Miller who had quadruple bypass surgery last week: The bad – Dr says Carl’s heart muscle is weak from surgery explaining his lower oxygen, still didn’t pass test to remove ventilator but they’ll try again later today. He also has low-grade fever. He has expressed concern & frustration. He is recovering slower than most after surgery – but Dr says some do.

The good:  They have lowered his sedation so he can communicate better with gestures, & pen & paper. His blood pressure is better. They lowered oxygen-help by 5% (from 55% to 50%) yet he’s still holding in the 90’s which is positive. Vitals are good. He has good color. The Lasix is getting rid of excess fluids & phlegm. He’s trying to cough so they’re suctioning his lungs more -which is good. He is communicating love, humor & orneriness now. Thx for prayers, please continue!


9.22.17  Please be in prayer for the family of Bobby Smith, a racer of Piedmont Dragway ( not Bobby Smith who owns Kinston Dragway).  Bobby’s daughter Donna worked Piedmont Dragway for many years. The funeral will be Monday at 3:00 pm. 
9.18.17 From Chaplain Irena Broadfoot:  1) for  a Minnesota company that is temporarily shut down due to strict new EPA laws.  May the testing and approval come through quickly so the people employed there can get back to work.   

2)  want to beat the devil on his time and his dime.  Everyone gets those annoying phone calls,  don’t get mad, use this as a tool to pray for people.  After I say hello, listen to their spiel, I tell them they have phoned the ” JESUS prayer line and how can I pray for you”.  Most of the times they will be stunned and silent so  repeat “you called the Jesus prayer line, you obviously need prayer, how can I pray for you?”.  some will hang up, some will be silent and some have prayer requests.  So I pray, if nothing else I will say the Lord’s prayer found in Matthew 6 and Luke 11.  You will find these crank calls will diminish drastically!!!  It is a cool way to evangelize the world without leaving your home or spending a dime.   God Speed  Irena B