Prayer Requests
Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.  Galatians 6:2  

4-17-18 From Chaplain Renee  Bingham:  I’ve spoken with Gena Ellis, friend of Jeff Rudisill.  She asks for prayer for Jeff, especially for relief from the pain which doctors have not been able to get under control.  Please lift up Jeff in your prayers for healing of his back and for relief from the pain.  He did come through the surgery fine but will have weeks to months of recovery time.

Also, from previous situations, I ask for people to say nothing if you don’t know absolute truth.  The various distortions of the event only add to the trauma of those who were involved.  Thank you for your help in this matter.  I know you want to do what is best for both Jeff and David White.  Prayers are needed for David too.  He was able to walk away from the accident but suffered a great loss in the damage of his car.

From Jim Saunders:  Add Prayers for Tim Hawks please who is going through some serious medical issues! We need him out on the Race Tracks.

4-15-18  From Chaplain Gary Bingham:  Please keep our friend Jeff Rudisill from South East Nostalgia Prostocks in your thoughts and Prayers. He was involved in a car crash this weekend at the ADRL at South Carolina Motorplex. He is in the hospital recovering and could use some extra love and prayers to aide him along. Please pray for David White, also involved in the accident. He is recovering well.
From Lesley Graham:  This message is approved by Jeff Rudisill…
And it’s ok to share this post
  As many have already heard and or seen photos our brother Jeff Rudisill was involved in a 2 car crash  top end at South Carolina motorplex Saturday.  He is fine …but has a back injury that will require surgery. As we know we have a strong fellowship of friends we know everyone wants to call and check on him .. we ask you not contact him directly. He is very overwhelmed in much pain ..needs to rest and prepare for healing . We ask you to leave your Concerns and well wishes on our South East outlaw nostalgia prostock page . He will see them . If you have questions and or other concerns please contact Tyrone at 8288507372
Also please keep our friend David white in your prayers .the other driver involved ..he’s just fine ..but still could use the love and prayers.
Also we want to thank the fine staff with adrl ..Larry morgan the safety team for a quick response  Jeff vegan. ..and Tammie Brown Smith for being with us at the hospital…
We give God all the highest praise and thank him for all he has done . Much love
Lesley ,Tyrone Gena Ellis Hodges  Lee Laney.


4-13-18  From Chaplain Steve Longmire:  Prayers for Walter Morrow he lost his wife Sharon to cancer over there weekend.  Also Abilene motorcycle racer Matt Guinan to have his bladder removed any day due to cancer.  He’s a tough son of a gun, said he’s looking for leathers to fit over his bag, prayers for his return to the track.  Prayers for all families  who have a loved one suffering from addiction of any kind, we have several in our racing family.

From Nancy Elms:  Please pray for Jason Spain. My best friend’s son. Was involved in an industrial accident while on a job in San Diego, CA. Both jaws are crushed, voice box is damaged, on ventilator, has surgery tomorrow as they attempt to rebuild his jaws.  He’s a long way from home (Missouri) and has a long road ahead for him and his family. God is faithful and they are praising Him for sparing Jason’s life, putting the medical facility and team in place, and for hearing prayers.  Thank you.

Please be in prayer for the family of Albert Baker who passed this week.

Be in prayer for Debbie & Frank Teague as her mother passed this week.

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