We exist to connect people to God and each other,

ever growing a community of faith.


We believe the Bible to be the infallible inspired word of God.  It conveys God’s will and purpose for humanity and this world.  It gives practical instruction of how to live a life of purpose, Godliness and peace with God, ourselves and others.
Our statement of Belief and The Apostle’s Creed


It is our vision to build a community of faith in the drag racing family, from racers to fans.  It is our desire for everyone to be aware of the salvation Jesus Christ purchased for them with His death.  To present the opportunity to accept or decline that gift.  To increase the faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ in those who profess Him as Savior.  To make you aware of the divine inheritance here in this life as well as in eternity.  We are here to help you walk in the abundant life Jesus came to give  and to experience the ultimate victory you seek.


Church is not a place for spectators. It is a place to learn, then put into practice the principles found in scripture.  Christianity is practical applications of God’s Word in everyday life.  We ‘do it afraid’ and experience God’s Presence with us and Power in us.

We proclaim and study the Word, practice what we learn, and progress in our Christian walk together.  Together is key as we learn and encourage one another in our walk with God.  Join us as we Proclaim.  Practice.  Progress.


Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us. We implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God.

II Corinthians 5:20



Founders & Lead Chaplains,
Gary & Renee Bingham
Gary & Renee have a heart to disciple people, teaching the practicality of scripture.  “Our passion is for you to know, possess and use everything Jesus Christ died for you to have here in this life on earth.  .  There is abundant life available here, now, through the blood and name of Jesus.”

North East Region
Rich & Janette Guy
South East Region
Joe & Debbie Sannutti,
Debra Tankersley,
Tommy D’Aprile,
Kenny Bomar, Matt Zapp.  Bottom row:  Matt Robinson, Pattie Head, Glenn Head, Lisa & Matt Collier.

North Central Region
Mike Imhoff,
Chic LaNasa,
Carol Rix,
Sean Cooper.
South Central Region
Bill Dickerson,
Jerry Blazier,
Steve Longmire,
Jim Wilburn,
Don & Jean Patterson.

North West Region
Keith Peterson,
Irena Broadfoot
South West Region
Neal Muylaert


Putting our faith into action through service.

 Chaplains impact the lives of the race teams, officials and fans for good: providing a shoulder on which to cry, a strong arm to support in tragedy and sorrow, an encouraging word during a crucial round loss and the light of God shining through smiling faces as well as their flaws and God’s ordained weaknesses.

All Christians are salt. Salt is a very common seasoning. Chaplains are common people. They are simply doing what God put in them to do with the gifts and talents He put within them. The only difference is they have climbed upon the mountain of fear and doubt – “Who me?” “I’m no preacher!” “God should send someone to be a chaplain. I’m not qualified.” – to stand as a representative of God Almighty, trusting Him to put the words in their mouths, trusting Him to give the strength, endurance and resources for the task assigned.

We all have found God to be faithful and true as we watch Him work in our lives and those of our fellow racers.

Who Can Be A Chaplain?

Anyone who has a heart for God and His Kingdom (learn more)

Prayer Requests
Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.  Galatians 6:2  

9.26.17  From Nancy Elms, update on Carl:  He’s turned a corner!  His oxygen level got better in the afternoon.  He was removed from the ventilator.  His oxygen level is still too low so he does have to have oxygen.  They got him up for just a bit.  He continues to run a low grade fever and has some chest congestion so prayer is still needed there.  He is still in ICC but moving in the right direction.  I’m so grateful for your prayers. 

From Azuree Oliver:  This prayer is for my son Stantley. He’s a wonderful person, brother, son, friend, mentor and football player. Last year he was at the top of the football teams depth chart. Once he got new coaches, a couple of injuries and a new position all that changed. Now he’s healthy and back at his old position, he’s doing good. At 3rd string which is not where he wants to be and not being given an opportunity to practice let alone play. His days are mainly spent on the sidelines. He works out on his own trying to improve himself.  I hope and pray that God gives him the self-esteem he had before this happened. God help the new coaches to see Stantley’s potential and give him the opportunity to get back on the field to prove that he’s talented and show that he’s more than capable of having a starting position.  God help him to keep his Faith and not have doubts. Please God give him all the desires of his heart and everything he deserves. Wrap your hands around the minds of these coaches, open their eyes to see that he’s worthy. In Jesus name Lord I pray   Amen Amen Amen  

Continue to pray for Steve LeTempt.  I have called him several times over the past 2 weeks with no answer.  Today I called the hospital twice.  He is still there but I have no information and have not been able to get through to him either by his cell phone or his room phone.  Keep praying him through. – Renee Bingham

9.25.17  Update from Nancy Elms on Carl Miller who had quadruple bypass surgery last week: The bad – Dr says Carl’s heart muscle is weak from surgery explaining his lower oxygen, still didn’t pass test to remove ventilator but they’ll try again later today. He also has low-grade fever. He has expressed concern & frustration. He is recovering slower than most after surgery – but Dr says some do.

The good:  They have lowered his sedation so he can communicate better with gestures, & pen & paper. His blood pressure is better. They lowered oxygen-help by 5% (from 55% to 50%) yet he’s still holding in the 90’s which is positive. Vitals are good. He has good color. The Lasix is getting rid of excess fluids & phlegm. He’s trying to cough so they’re suctioning his lungs more -which is good. He is communicating love, humor & orneriness now. Thx for prayers, please continue.

9.22.17  Please be in prayer for the family of Bobby Smith, a racer of Piedmont Dragway ( not Bobby Smith who owns Kinston Dragway).  Bobby’s daughter Donna worked Piedmont Dragway for many years. The funeral will be Monday at 3:00 pm. 
9.18.17 From Chaplain Irena Broadfoot:  1) for  a Minnesota company that is temporarily shut down due to strict new EPA laws.  May the testing and approval come through quickly so the people employed there can get back to work.   

2)  want to beat the devil on his time and his dime.  Everyone gets those annoying phone calls,  don’t get mad, use this as a tool to pray for people.  After I say hello, listen to their spiel, I tell them they have phoned the ” JESUS prayer line and how can I pray for you”.  Most of the times they will be stunned and silent so  repeat “you called the Jesus prayer line, you obviously need prayer, how can I pray for you?”.  some will hang up, some will be silent and some have prayer requests.  So I pray, if nothing else I will say the Lord’s prayer found in Matthew 6 and Luke 11.  You will find these crank calls will diminish drastically!!!  It is a cool way to evangelize the world without leaving your home or spending a dime.   God Speed  Irena B


Taking God’s Word to the World






Where can God use your talents?


God-honoring worship is something we strive for. We need more people to provide music for services.    Some play instruments. Others sing.  Do you love to sing but want a group?  Start a choir!
Testimonies encourage and build  faith.  Let us know if you want to share yours.
Liturgical/Praise dance
adds beauty and deep emotionalism to the service. God can be worshiped though dance like David did.
Worship volunteers are an important part of ministry, using their talents and gifts to glorify God and minister.



To glorify God and build His kingdom by bringing youth to a greater realization of Who God is, the vision He has for their lives, and who they are in Jesus Christ.

 Proverbs 29:18 states,
“Where there is no vision, the people perish.”
We feel young people today have lost their vision of who they were created to be, Who God is, and the truth about life on this earth. Therefore they have cast off restraint and indulged in many destructive acts and many are perishing.  We want to combat this by helping them envision God’s best for their lives and helping them to be in line with the vision of God’s kingdom. In short, we want to give them hope for an abundant life in Christ.
If you would like to become an InVision chaplain, fill out the applications.
Want to Volunteer?


Kids on Track is a program for kids ages 2-11. We use thrilling Bible stories in God’s word to teach values and character from God’s perspective. The program consists of:

  • Kids Church at events where Children’s Chaplains are available.
  • Monthly newsletters with bible stories, puzzles and games.
  • Kids can sign up to receive a birthday card and gift every year.
If you would like to become a children’s chaplain, fill out the applications 
or contact us at 704-473-4212.  Volunteers may fill out the volunteer form.
For the safety of our children, we adhere to the Safe Sanctuary policy and all workers submit to a background check once the application is received.





Using media to spread the gospel is crucial to this ministry. In an age of widespread technology, we have a stewardship to use these tools as best as possible for kingdom purposes. Sermons are uploaded to our website in video and audio formats. We also maintain an active Facebook, YouTube, App and Twitter feed for additional communication.  Volunteers are needed to photograph, video, edit, post and share sermons, chaplains in the field and testimonies.  Please contact us to help. This is an area of great need and great potential.  704-473-4212


Communicating the gospel through shared stories of testimonies, overcoming struggles and lessons learned is time honored. Jesus used it greatly. People love stories. We need them. They build faith. They glorify God. But only if they are captured and shared through writing, video or audio. Often people want to share but are unsure of how to write it. Volunteers are needed to help us produce the monthly discipleship letter, eConnections, CrossTalk, KOT & InVision newsletters, social media, the website and apps.




Prayer cannot be overestimated. Prayer moves the hand of God. We are a body of believers’ dependent upon prayer, and committed to God’s sovereignty. Throughout the week our Prayer Warriors pray for this ministry, the Board of Directors, the chaplains & their families, any special requests, and event prayer needs. God has given us a vision of 12,000 people praying for this ministry to become a moving force for His Kingdom here on earth.  Will you join us?  Email


and tell us you are one of the 12,000.  You will receive a monthly special newsletter with specific requests, needs and stories of answered prayers.


God Speed Ministry, Inc.
Address: 141 EA Bingham Road,
Kings Mountain, NC  28086
Phone: 704-473-4212
Email: pray@godspeedministry.com

Office: Renee Bingham
Email: renee@godspeedministry.com

In case of emergency, call GOD!  Pray!
Then call 704-692-2452.


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